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  1. Wasnt aware that "HOTELS" charged anything for electric.
  2. Post with unattributed content and responses to it removed. If you are going to quote "facts and figures" you need to state where you are getting them from and provide a link in support or it will be removed.
  3. Off topic posts removed. Topic is not about Covid.
  4. If you are using them to make smoke, why not get the Thai bbq pots ? Cheap enough and will do the job.
  5. Do you have ventilation and/ or fans in the roofspace already ?
  6. Further posts commenting on Moderation have been removed.
  7. I think he is referring to the space it occupies, the size of the packet in relation to whats actually in it, as was I in my comment.
  8. Until they get their act together, get a decent vaccine program in place NOW, I fear we will get alot more of this. Another situation here of a high migrant worker population who probably dont want to report any symptoms for fear of being sent to some camp and unable to earn to feed their families. They have to stop dithering about and get the vaccine rolled out en mass to stop this rampant spread.
  9. Once again, reported posts with derogatory terms/ references to vaccine have been removed. STOP IT. Any further instances may result in your ability to post being removed. Posts denigrating and calling Chinese vaccines useless and referring to it with derogatory names have been removed. Whilst it may be ineffective in certain cases i(e Delta strain) it is by no means useless. At the end of the day this is a Thai government sponsored vaccine and the forum and or yourself can get in trouble for comments like this so please stop it.
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