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  1. As far as I could tell, the airline would not have permitted me to leave Phuket without showing the Sandbox completion certificate. So I wanted to update that info into this thread in case anyone else is in a similar situation. Interesting that it's not apparently a general requirement. Maybe because I'm on a visa exempt entry, I was subjected to that requirement. If I'd already changed to a longer term visa then it wouldn't have been required I'd think.
  2. So actually, when leaving the Phuket Sandbox to Bangkok (or anywhere else I'd assume) it's required to display to the airline a certificate from the hotel that affirms having completed the required 14 nights of quarantine in Phuket. The hotel actually forgot to give it to me when I checked out and then called me after I'd been on the road for ten minutes, so the driver had to backtrack to the hotel so I could receive that certificate.
  3. Thanks, I haven't been able to get the airline support number (Thai Smile) to answer the phone (tried website, app, booking email numbers). They're obviously understaffed because of Covid economic impact. I think it's likely there won't be any requirements and I can just board since I'm going to Bangkok. Appreciate your reply.
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