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  1. You could have contested the divorce . You could have taken a game of Contact 4 to the Court case and had a game with the Judge to show him how exciting the game could be and you could have taken your back pack along and asked the judge to keep an eye on it whilst you went to look for something outside and that would have shown him how exciting that could be
  2. A little tip for you . If you make the girls happy, they often come back for more . A bit like a job really , if her car breaks down and she calls a mechanic who can fix it , she will call the same mechanic again . If the mechanic has no idea how the car engine works and cannot fix it, she will go elsewhere
  3. Some people never get over their Western wifes cheating on them and to get revenge and equality , they enjoy inflicting the pain onto other people . The guy whom I was referring to, his U.K wife cheated on him as well , so to deal with the pain, he used to try and make others feel it as well . Must be horrible to be in that position .
  4. There was a felang whom I used to know who took great pleasure in telling other people that he'd "banged their g/f /Wife. He used to stand their and tell them and enjoy watching them both feel unconformable . He often used to lie about it as well . Lying that he'd "banged" someone . Horrible insecure little guy with major issues . The bar girls who he had actually been with used to laugh and wave their little finger at him
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