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  1. It does not matter if you are vaccinated you can still get covid and can still pass covid on and can still die from covid so why get vaccinated in the 1st place ????? Am I one of millions with common sense
  2. Only if you think you think it's best to follow silly government rules , masks have been proved by scientists that they don't stop you getting covid so why bother wearing them , what a silly idea it was
  3. Don't think they will hear from the police again especially since they said they were on the case.maybe police should of said they were in the frame for this case.
  4. What if I want to re enter thailand after going back uk for 7 months but I still have my retirement visa in use and would want to stay on re entry 6 months or even upto 1 and half years how long would I need to get health insurance ?
  5. Omicron is a mild cold confirmed by the south African president live on TV so nobody is going to be going to hospital what a ridiculous announcement , omicron stops infecting at 11pm
  6. Exactly they think that you cannot catch a cold in the army club thick that's, I have had covid and its just a cold but they don't listen
  7. Why don't they pay the police a decent wage instead of corrupting their own comrades
  8. I think what they are saying is that insurance companies won't pay for tourists in hospital that's why the tourists won't go , I could have read it wrong but hey ho.
  9. You should read up on the vaccine , if you are double vaccinated you can still spread the covid virus , you can still get covid and you can still die from covid so double vaccinated must be selfish then in your view.
  10. They might get an average of 9 per international Airport , they should make it 85 baht to uk pound.
  11. Because they want sex , but it will cost , pcr test , antigen tests , hotel for 1 night , traveling after 7 days pcr tests and again on arrival , I'm counting at least 5 pcr tests , insurance and hotel quarentine , 1900 pcr x 5 = 9500bt + 20000 bt insurance + 2000 1 night quarentine + if you want to travel again another 2 or 3 pcr or rapid tests , a roundabout cost of 35,000 bt + accomodation for 2 weeks 10,000 bt and that's before you start on the food and women bar fines and rip offs . So who is going to pay 1,000 uk pounds to start with extra just to come for 2 weeks + flights , women and food and drink .
  12. I'm not worried about covid as I had it already and got antibodies against covid now with papers from hospital to prove it , so I am immune against covid take no notice what papers or government say , when you got antibodies against covid you are immune for life , you have probably got antibodies now go check , authorities are just letting in fully vaccinated people those people can spread the virus , they can get the virus and they can die from the virus it makes me laugh just letting in people who can do that , while natural immune people and unvaccinated cannot come it should be the other way round .
  13. Meanwhile the army in charge of land of smile , is scratching its head as no wealthy tourists arrive , good bye I go to Philippines
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