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  1. With which airline ? For travel to the UK a PCR test is only a requirement for non-vaccinated arrivals. Some ‘Airlines may’ stipulate their own requirements, but none that I have checked, they (most) defer to the official requirements of the arrival and transit countries. Example: Emirates & Qatar Airlines.
  2. Assumptions and guesses follow... 1 - Nothing will be clear until very late... 2 - Every recent Sandboxer has produced this 3 - Every recent CoE arrival has produced this 4 - Every recent CoE arrival has produced this for US$100,000 - I imagine similar for US$50K including covid cover. 5 - What of those who are not on holiday and live in Bangkok ?? Hotels for at least 1 night until PCR negative test result is issued ? 6 - PCR tests to be administered at SHA+ certified hotels then? (instead of long queues at the airport), forcing people to use SHA+ tr
  3. As with the Phuket Sandbox - it would likely take about 1-2 minutes per person. Additionally, each person has to get though immigration and collect their baggage - they do not all queue up at the PCR check point at the same time... they are ‘drip fed’ through based on their progress through immigration and the baggage hall. IF it takes immigration 1-2 mins per person, the additional PCR testing is only an additional few mins per person.
  4. This is the issue with people looking for the worst when interpreting information in a fundamentally flawed manner.
  5. richard_smith237


    Thai regulations - mask worn outside at all times., Realistically - many wearing a mask on a motorbike. Many not wearing their mask on a beach. All wearing a mask in a 7-11 or supermarket etc… or while walking into a restaurant. Some areas more relaxed than others.
  6. I arrive into Bangkok 22nd October. Flights, Insurance, PCR test, SHA+ package & condo deposit 1 month all paid out weeks ago so no point cancelling. Just need to take the hit! People are getting their acronyms mixed up…. Hardly surprising given all the different announcements & schemes… But… SHA+ is for Phuket Sandbox or Samui Plus. Quarantine in Bangkok is ASQ (can’t leave hotel room)
  7. The UK has accepted Thai administered Astrazeneca vaccines from 11-October. At the same time Thailand was removed from the UK’s ‘red list’. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-to-england-from-another-country-during-coronavirus-covid-19 But: only 4 vaccines are accepted. - Pfizer - Moderna - Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) - Astrazenica
  8. It's not odd at all, as far as I'm concerned. It's one of the most common topics of conversation that my wife has with her friends these days. And since I'm usually there when she's talking to her friends (either in person or on the phone) then I also know about her friends' vaccination status. To me it would seem quite odd not to be aware of my wife's friends' lives. Exactly that... I chose to ignore his [Johnny Mac’s comment] as it was rather dumb. Perhaps some guys do not have relationships in which topical matters are discussed - If their relat
  9. I am not vaccinated and I would like to travel to Thailand from the UK does that mean that I can stay at my partner's home and self quarantine....... Or would I need to quarantine at a hotel thanks Travel from UK to Thailand = 10 day ASQ hotel quarantine, IF not vaccinated. While there is no confirmation my guess is that for those not vaccinated a period of hotel quarantine is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.
  10. So we cannot go out for diner if the restaurant wants a proof to be fully vaxxed? Or is there a way for tourists/expats who got their shots in the home country? Get tested each time before entering a restaurant? I guess we can show a copy of our vaccine certificate (from the overseas vaccination). If a restaurant insists on proof of vaccination and doesn’t accept that then I don’t want to eat there anyway ! Realistically - I don’t think any place will be asking to see proof of vaccination, they may just simply ask and accept the word of customers... or even j
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