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  1. Good question. I need to cancel at MedPark too. The cancellations might open a slot or two for others, For reference, mine's Aug 17, 11 am. Because there have been so many failed systems etc before reporting on this forum that the MedPark booking system was working I made a ‘test booking’.... that way I knew the information I was posting was accurate and useful. As soon as I had the booking confirmed I replied to the confirmation e-mail to cancel - there was no response. I don’t like leaving the ’slot’ open, but its a 1 hour slot, people turn up hours ea
  2. He’s British, he can’t be rejected entry into the UK. Show his British Passport upon Checkin (to prove Nationality / no need for visa in Thai passport). Depart Thailand on his Thai passport at Thai Immigration. Enter the UK on his Expired (or soon to expire) British Passport. Renew Passport from within the UK while you are there.
  3. 10,000 baht... at 5,500 per set... Is anyone else thinking these numbers are a little excessive - nearly 1900 people bought them ? seems a stretch.
  4. Meanwhile whenever a ‘Sandboxer’ arrives on an international flight and tests positive on their arrival test there is media hysteria as people claim the sandbox is failing and all blame is placed on ‘international arrivals’.... The reality is that any outbreak on the Island of Phuket is going to be home-grown.
  5. How can you call that Thainess ??? which part ?? the careless driving or the sitting ? People getting drenched by passing hitting puddles is all over the internet (from all over).... Perhaps the only Thainess I see is that the woman appeared almost calm with just a response of 'aoooohhhh Hia' rather than getting apoplectic....
  6. Op: If hiring a car you don’t need to worry about driving in Bangkok... the airport is quite a distance outside of Bangkok. Hiring car a the airport would see you on taking route #7 toward Bangkok and peeling off to head north on the Outer Ring Road (Route #9) - its a very simple route. As far as companies saying they’ll get back to you and never do... It amazes me how so many businesses struggle, yet appear to never be that interested in actually taking work !!!...
  7. Not any more... Wife went berserk when I suggested we spice things up on my Birthday !!!
  8. I initially thought that when I saw the headline... Sitting next to a puddle is foolish. But... the whole road is flooded, no one would expect a car to pass at anything greater than walking pace... Pointing any blame or accountability at the lady in this situation is typical of idiots on this forum victim blaming... there is no way any car should be travelling at speed down this street. Slightly off topic: Speed bumps - many drivers just ignore them... they should put ‘fake rail crossings’ its seems drivers can’t cross even a smooth railway crossing wit
  9. This is all just a misunderstanding.... The driver was clearly trying to ‘get some air’ off the speed bump so he didn’t splash the lady sitting at the table... Seriously though - even under normal dry conditions this idiot was driving way too fast. The issue as always... a reactive police force. The driver didn’t hurt anyone, so nothing to worry about. They don’t care that next time it could be a child stepping out from a shop.
  10. Just curious... as I’m on an Extension of stay based on Marriage (Thai Spouse).... what has the ‘ever changing’ requirements ??? they all seem simple and easily met.... from a personal perspective something which wouldn’t even have me consider the need for outside assistance.
  11. You do know that Coronaviruses and Influenza viruses are a different viruses right ? They are as different as Influenza and Rhinoviruses. This ‘new’ strain of Coronaviruses are quite different. There were initially only 4 strains of ‘human’ Coronaviruses which impacted humans, these were..... - Two types of Alphacoronavirus: Human coronavirus 229E, Human coronavirus NL63. - Two types of Betacoronavirus: Human coronavirus OC43, Human coronavirus HKU1. These 4 Coronavirus caused approximately 20% of common household colds. T
  12. Some of you guys must live life in such fear of offending or upsetting someone for fear of someone wanting ‘payback’.... comical...
  13. Ok valid point.... I think the Op is switched on enough to see that a burglar is not carrying anything dangerous. Its a little bit different to being robbed at knife point in the street and fighting back, its also a little bit different to fighting. The Op gave a couple of firm slaps to a feckless thief... taught him a lesson... may well have taught the thief a valuable lesson, who knows the next time the thief robbed another house he could have been shot (there - my version of ‘what if’)...
  14. Anyone who’s been here any length of time can recognise the difference.... Some people would have just let the thief return to rob them more.... I guess had he reported it to the police half of you guys would be suggesting theif would retaliate for the Op ‘grassing him up’.... !!! Whatever is posted... such responders (posters replying) will always find holes in the actions of whatever an Op posts.
  15. Did you think all of this up, or did you consult mummy first ??? He slapped the guy a bit... it wasn’t violent assault, he didnt put the guy in hospital (he said he ’slapped the thief’ not punched, kicked, battered... He did protect himself and his assets - this thief will not return. The Ops response was more effective than the Police would have been. Arguable.... Just because 'someone broke in’.... I think that justifies a lot of responses... the Ops response was not excessive, it sent the required message.
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