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  1. 555. Nice. Now that's what you call a holiday. How does it change the Phuket hitlist?
  2. Same as every year, just bubbles. Nothing will be done ever.
  3. Clown show. You don't need a visa to enter TH if you are a New Zealander. But nice we talked about it.
  4. The 14-17 ban is because they wanted to prevent public servants from day drinking. That was sometime last century.
  5. The braindead are at it again. People will just buy at departure what they are going to buy anyways and money will be spend outside Thailand. Clever move indeed
  6. Why go to Europe, Middle East is closer and peole are the same on the streets
  7. I believe they left for Line and Tiktok a few years ago. Facebook is for old people and scamming them.
  8. FB thrives on censorship and does not give a damn on their users. So let them take some of their own medicine. Well deserved.
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