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  1. . Thanks. I like that. By insurance, you mean USPS insurance? No problem. I'm just concerned with Thai customs..... So there is a duty plus the 7%? Is the duty fixed, or a percentage, or whatever they say it is? 3000 baht total custom charges? Do they open or X-ray packages? Sorry for so many questions.....
  2. . Thai economy faces uncertainty... How odd.... I'm certain the Thai economy is going to he11 in a hand basket. But at least the worthless dollar is going up.
  3. . My neighbor grew kana for extra income. He would saturate the crops every week, wearing shorts, flip-flops, and no mask. One time I saw him soak everything, then harvest and take to market the next morning...... The day after that, I started my own garden. Still have it.
  4. . Exactly why I don't do smart phones and online banking, despite being ridiculed by many on this forum. Also why I use an agent, and keep my cash in a safe.
  5. . My second time in a year at this ASQ in Sukhumvit. I consider it a 10-day holiday. Peaceful, no noise whatsoever. Good food, very nice room, excellent staff. One guy went to Apple yesterday to pick up a new computer for me. I'm staying in a suite for 33k baht. Includes all including two PCRs that don't go deep. Don't listen to the emotionally immature on this forum. They are more negative than arctic temperatures.
  6. . Then the best thing to do is include the original receipt in the box and label as used computer....
  7. . Just bought the same computer here in BKK for $993. But I understand there is no correlation with facts and customs. I think I'll just write gift, and $300 on the paperwork.
  8. . Thanks. So what would be the fees on a $1000 phone or computer, 7%?
  9. . Thanks. I have an O visa, retirement extension (if that makes a difference)....I was thinking of writing household goods or gift on it and having my address in Thai as well as English. Thoughts? So it will go right to the local yokel post office? Well, a 1000 baht bill should make me a new friend, as opposed to having to deal with customs.
  10. . Respectfully disagree..... The cracks are what lend character, and the nice thing about concrete is if the buyer does not like it, it can easily be tiled over. I do agree with the difficulty of finding competent workers. That would require investigation and verification. The OP needs to find a small-scale completed project that looks great after a period of time, and contact the contractor.
  11. . I'm having a friend ship a MacBook Air from the States. It is a month old, but in its original box, therefore it is "used." Since I've never had reason to ship anything, I'd like suggestions to avoid hangups and being overcharged by customs. Want to use original box as it's quite strong, but planned on putting it into another, plain box. Detest FedEx. Hate DHL. Thought I'd send it with USPS. It will be going to a rural area in the southeast. Do I need to pay any fees in person, or by card, etc? Approximate costs? Have at
  12. . This looks good; just trying to figure out import fees and delivery time....
  13. . Well, no means no! (Oh, you mean CPR. I thought you just missed the H in rhesus.)
  14. . Thanks. But I have to see someone in Bangkok. I get out of ASQ next week and will spend two more days in BKK, then I go south with a dog kennel and 9 boxes. Not something easily accomplished, so I need to see a doc while still in BKK.
  15. Yes sir !, great idea. I know someone who parked under a coconut tree in his new truck, guess what happened , that's right one coconut fell and dented his truck. . I had laid down in the shade on a Puerto Vallarta beach years back and was napping contentedly when.... Yep, one big nut impacted a pair of smaller nuts. Talk about a rude awakening.
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