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  1. . Is there a university in Thailand where Thais can graduate with a BA degree..... Bachelor of A$$holes?
  2. . Yeah, I got a buddy who, with his wife, travelled four times in 16 days and got quarantined three times for 14 days..... Thai math.
  3. . Ah, the Colorado being sold in Thailand brings back memories of the Chonburi I bought in Illinois.
  4. . Don't look now, Surapog Whoozitswhatchamalcallit, but your pants are on fire.....
  5. . When people have a pathetic, unhappy life, they cannot see the dry humor or sarcasm as they are just itching for confrontation..... Psych 101.
  6. . Obviously, with the Thai's acute knowledge of American history and Longfellow's Paul Revere, they were thinking "one if by air, two if by sea," but the reporter was a half-wit.
  7. . Interesting. I lived, years back, in a 1960s built house in NST. It actually had the metal posts, brace and tension bands, and a sliding gate. I guess they stopped using it. I think I can imagine why....
  8. . Dear Gigi- Watch the first few minutes of A River Runs Through It..... You are the boy completing a writing assignment so he may go fishing, and we are your stern father. Now go back and edit out 50% of your OP. Then do it again, and again, until all you have left is that last paragraph. There now, perfect.
  9. . Pigs? Then they should offer it at any of the many buffets in San Antonio, Texas.
  10. . Too late; I got very excited.... You should write romance novels.
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