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  1. . Dear Gigi- Watch the first few minutes of A River Runs Through It..... You are the boy completing a writing assignment so he may go fishing, and we are your stern father. Now go back and edit out 50% of your OP. Then do it again, and again, until all you have left is that last paragraph. There now, perfect.
  2. . Pigs? Then they should offer it at any of the many buffets in San Antonio, Texas.
  3. . Too late; I got very excited.... You should write romance novels.
  4. . Yeah, I will. Just surprised (maybe I shouldn't be) that they do not have the poles and gates, etc, on their website. Install is easy. Just need a come-along and some wrenches and concrete.
  5. . Blah, blah, yak yak, yada yada yada....I am here to officially announce I want only Russians and Indians....no stupid Americans or dirty British I don't like them yada yada yada..... Now take my picture....
  6. . Best place to buy? Found the rolls of fencing on HomePro website, but not the posts and fittings. Happy to install myself, but would prefer it done by seller. I live in Trat.
  7. . Not yet, but it's coming.... Probably about how we all should cherish drooping breasts...
  8. . Some of us consider breasts delicious, even if they have been on the floor.
  9. . I think you are posting in the wrong forum, please navigate to Food In Thailand, if you can find it, and repost. Bwaaa, ha, ha, ha.
  10. . Not trying to get into all the permutations and ramifications for those on vacations, just stating some simple facts. Not sure if the local authorities will take action, though they should. I do know that if you contact your consulate officer of such an incident, they will indeed take action. .
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