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  1. Hi all, is it true that a TM30 has to be filled out in blue ink?
  2. From what I understand, if you leave the country and enter another visa exempt, you have to do it. I have all the copies/docs from last time I did it, I just need to get the landlord to update the tenancy contract to extend from when I come back.
  3. Thanks to all for these responses! Great, I will just go Monday and say my new tenancy began the previous day. I don't think there's any visa or immigration query that cant be answered on AN!
  4. Hi all, I will fly to Udon tomorrow to do a visa run via Nong Khai. My landlord will not register TM30 online when I get back later Friday evening so I will have to go do it in person on Monday. Will I still pay a fine, given that the weekend gets in the way?
  5. I wish I'd thought of that earlier. Just looked at the website and it takes 3 days to process, and I have to go on Friday so it's cutting it fine and there's no refunds.
  6. Anyone know if this is the most up-to-date form attached? The Laos embassy doesn't seem to have a website for Thailand to download them. Application-Form-Lao-Visa.pdf
  7. Thanks metisdead, I found that PDF one but I seem to recall the one I filled out at Vientiane airport a few months ago was a bit longer.
  8. Hi all, does anyone have download links for the most up-to-date Laos tourist visa application form? I want to print and fill out before I get to Nong Khai.
  9. Hello all, I entered Thailand on 7 December 2022 on the 45 day visa, followed by a 30 day extension. At the end of that, I flew to Vientiane and back in one day and repeated the above. Got my extension last week at CW. My question is, will I be ok to fly out and back again when this current extension runs out? Or is 3 back-to-back entries not allowed and I should apply for an SETV somewhere before trying to re-enter? I’m also aware that the 45 day entry is now back down to 30.
  10. Thanks! Yep, VFS gave me the embassy letter when I picked up the new one. Hopefully it wont cost much, if anything, and I will post my experience for future reference. Going on Sunday from DMK to Vientiane and then straight back again.
  11. Thanks! That's what I'd hoped. I guess it's the same at Don Mueang too? That's where I'm flying out of.
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