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  1. The aircraft is a 787 Dreamliner. How do you think an Airbus A319 could make it nonstop from Stockholm to Phuket ??
  2. Done it (partially) with BBL. Submitted a statement declaring these were not my transactions, nor in anyway authorized, copies of their SMS messages, and I think most importantly, a police report (cost B20). Got half back already (out of 3 separate "transfers") and last one being investigated. I didn't have to PROVE anything. Just be truthful and declare the facts. I think they know the score by now.
  3. I guess it's became Hong Kong is part of China....1 country, 2 systems, the major difference at the moment is that HK people can travel but mainlanders are not. Maybe it was tacked onto this list (if it's official ) as an afterthought.
  4. Update After a call to customer service today (15 days after the theft) BBL have returned some of my money....that attributed to "Steampower.com". But not the B8000 fraudulently paid to "Cult Beauty" ( a UK company I think) Will wait and see. Very slow "investigation" !!
  5. Same here. Absolutely nothing. Not even a sore arm. Actually felt elated. Give me more !!!
  6. I submitted mine online 12 days before due date and just got Pending. So sent email to the IO (Pathum Thani) asking respectfully if has been processed. (2 days before due date ) One day later got email back ..Approved. Maybe the email worked, or they just got around to processing it after 10 days??
  7. BB account robbed on Oct 5th. Now 21st and still waiting for the refund of nearly B12,000. All reports submitted, but not a word. Pathetic !
  8. 10~40000 accounts hacked in a few days??? Must be a lot of skimmers and cameras in action!!
  9. No, any debit card or credit card linked to your savings account whether it's been used recently or not. And certainly not solely related to any recent online purchases (of any ) BBL send me SMS messages for any transaction and a weekly account balance every Monday morning.
  10. I'm guessing you're with BBL also? As I've mentioned before, robbed in 5th (evening ) reported as soon as they finally answered 34mins later, card cancelled and report forwarded to their fraud division. Email received from fraud division on 7th. Investigation under way. I guess it's their first week in the job
  11. I'm debating whether to give BBL "Customer Service" another call and ask why it's taken 15days since reporting, whereas other members here with, say, Kbank, have received full refunds within a day or so of reporting the "theft". Probably a waste of time....took them over 30mins to answer my urgent call on the evening it occurred.
  12. Ok. I'll try calling CS again and, when they finally answer, hope that the poor lady on the other end knows what in hell I'm talking about !
  13. Yes. I have a reference number. which is also quoted on an email I received the next day requesting that ì submit my statement and police report to, what I assume, is their Fraud unit's email address. All done as requested but heard nothing since.
  14. And who exactly should I call? Local branch haven't got a clue. The only other number is Customer Service 1333??
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