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  1. Certainly not one of the best. If you go to government hospitals, the wait can be 4 hours.
  2. @JoeBloe No, there is no legal basis for your gf to claim anything from you since you both are not married. It's a personal decision whether you want to give anything to her at all. After giving her monthly expenses every month for the past 10 years, you have done enough. It's time she looked for her own job and rely on herself. Since the child is from her previous marriage, you don't have any responsibility towards the child or her.
  3. Dhanin Chearavanont is a Thai citizen but with Chinese ancestry so are many Thai pm like Thaksin. Around 15-20% of Thai citizens have Chinese ancestry so what's so strange about this? http://eastasiaorigin.blogspot.com/2017/07/main-ethnicities-in-thailand.html
  4. A term deposit is acceptable, I have used term deposit account before to present to immigration before for retirement purpose. We can always withdraw our term deposit prematurely in case there is an emergency so I don't see any problem with that. A mutual fund/investment account might be risky though... but a term deposit is always safe albeit with lower interest rate.
  5. Something is not right here. The monthly transaction is only required if you don't have the minimum of 800K for 5 months per year. I think your 'friend' isn't telling the truth.
  6. I went to Krungthai bank just to make a small withdrawal of 400 baht. They photocopied my passport and asked me to sign on it.
  7. You can via online transfer but it is monopolized by a single company called Deemoney.
  8. 31. We need an expensive Covid test just to do a small operation. (I wanted to do a minor cyst operation on the hand, but they wanted a Covid negative test which cost more than the operation itself)
  9. I doubt any rich foreigner will park so much money in Thailand just to get a long term visa, especially with the pathetic interest rates and poor economy. It is so much easier just to a visa run. Some tourists even live more than 6 months per year doing visa run.
  10. I doubt the endless photocopying will end. I don't know why they need photocopies of my passport and visa extension every year when they already have it in their database presumably. 'copy pate 1,2,3.....etc' When we tried to argue with immigration regarding all these photocopying, they can be quite rude.
  11. So what's the use of 90 day reporting if it is useless in tracing foreigners who overstay and criminals? That's why I say, there should be a criminal check on long term tourists or expats.
  12. The prices are ridiculously expensive.
  13. As reported in Bangkok Post, there are about 500 cases detected at that market. The market is closed from Oct 9 to Oct 22, no wonder the prices of food have gone up recently. Not sure whether this will affect the opening of CM on 1 Nov if the numbers worsen.
  14. The Mor Prom app contains your vaccine certificate. The vaccine certificate has your address in Thailand that you provided. I don't see anywhere written on our passport nationality. You should ask a Thai person or pay a Thai person to setup Mor Prom for you on your phone.
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