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  1. If it's easy to grow, then why is it that we can find green lime everywhere but hardly any lemon in Thailand?
  2. Any photos of your lemon tree?
  3. Airasia is almost always late for international flights. The fare is the only good thing about Airasia. For domestic flight, I would think Nok Air is better if you don't mind the higher air ticket. Are you non-vaccinated? For international flight, they do check your vax cert upon arrival, not sure about domestic.
  4. That's a really nice big lemon you have there. Lemons are expensive to buy in Thailand. How long does it take for you to grow your lemon tree? Does it need a lot of water and fertilizer?
  5. Airasia 's customer service is horrible, they will send you to an internet bot who has no idea what you want. Their planes are almost always late by an hour, if air-ticket is the about the same price as others, it's better to take other airlines.
  6. Has anybody grown any yellow lemon trees in Thailand before? Is it easy? Where can I get a small lemon tree to buy in Chiang Mai?
  7. How much are you paying for the bungalow? If it's cheap, then it is reasonable else it's not reasonable.
  8. @Joedobbs Unlike western countries like USA or Canada where there is ample parking space, the parking space in Thailand is pathetic and the roads much narrower. So it's better to buy smaller cars and not big cars. Furthermore, the way that the Thai people ride their motorbikes will potentially cause more accidents if you have a big car.
  9. Honda is more popular in Thailand and will get you a higher value if you decide to sell it later.
  10. I did 2 bank accounts a few years back, because I was moving my money from one bank to another. Getting 2 bank letters isn't a problem.
  11. I did put my money into two different accounts on two different banks (SCB and Bangkok Bank) before and the immigration accepted it. The transfer can be done but must be shown to be on the same day on both accounts (if the amount fall below the required 400k or 800k on either one of the account)
  12. People have been staying here for years if they are visa-runners or go through agents so this new visa doesn't mean anything. Unless Thailand is serious on closing the loopholes, only 0.1% would want this new visa.
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