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  1. He is Not exporting. He has a new digital meter. PEA may be able to monitor his AC export attempts but we are talking about monitoring his SOLAR output. Not possible. For those that are unaware, solar is the power fed from the solar panels to the solar panel input of the inverter or the charge controller(s). This is the bit that varies depending on time of day and quantity of sunshine. Monitoring the inverter output with another chanel? Tell us how this might work. Meters have an input and an output. Direction of current flow can be detected so what is flowing in each direction can be separately metered. I think I just answered my own question. Does this guys meter have a dual meter display?
  2. I find that difficult to believe. How do you know they (PEA) are monitoring his solar output? The solar output is effectively isolated from the AC side of the inverter by loads of electronic components. Sound like a silly story to me.
  3. That looks an incredibly useful product. I was looking for it some years ago. Thanks guys.
  4. I've only ever sent one telegram in my life...........
  5. I read the first line Then I read the last line Brilliant article.
  6. In a word. Covid. Many companies lost a lot of money due to lower retail footfall. Those losses can only be replaced by jacking up prices. Public companies have no choice in this because of maintaining share value. Smaller businesses have possibly borrowed from banks etc and need to repay ASAP.
  7. There are all sorts of different "inverters" to choose from. I placed quotation marks on the word because, for contributors on this forum, the inverter encompasses an off the shelf all-singing-all-dancing easy but often expensive solution to solar power. Inside the "inverter" will be a charge controller or two to which the solar panel array is connected. Output from the charge controller is suitable for charging batteries (generally 48v) and feeding power to the inverter. Some "inverters" can accept input from PEA et.al. for the purpose of running the loads when there is not enough sun and maybe charge the batteries. Also some inverters can export power to PEA et. al. via this connection. The output of the inverter section is 220 or 230vac and capable of delivering power to the house electrical circuits. The inverter section will be capable of short duration overloads of double the normal power for several hundred milliseconds. So. The inverter consists of three sections all in one box. 1. Charge controller(s) 2. PEA et.al. input/output. 3. Inverter to convert DC charge controller output to 220/230v. There are other ways of achieving the same with separate units which could cost a lot less.
  8. Bearing in mind that all politicians are deeply involved in money for one reason or another, I would suggest they have an excellent understanding of how an independant Bank Of Thailand works. I would suggest it is in the interests of many of them to try and take control for personal enrichment rather than for the betterment of the country.
  9. In Turkey gambling is not allowed except in some hotels. The clientele have to show their passports to enter the casino. Locals are not allowed in.
  10. With Visa free trips to the EU Schengen countries coming up we may soon find ourselves handling Euros instead of Baht and satan Satang..........
  11. You could get a job in Thai Tax dept any day thinking like that. ☹️
  12. That magical word "crackdown" is what it's all about. Between each crackdown, time and motion ceases to exist. Police are in a state of limbo.
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