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  1. Does anyone know the whereabouts of 1 million foreign technical experts who are fluent in Thai? The language barrier alone will make this idea a bit of a challenge but then I think policy makers may already be aware of this.
  2. Yes indeed. They seem to range from 3.2 - 42 but I am not a cordless person so my awareness is a bit limited. I have no idea what the VF suffix stands for but it is not the voltage (or frequency for that matter ) the preceding number relates in some way to the battery capacity and not the voltage.
  3. 48VF relates to the battery capacity and connection arrangement much the same way as dry cell s are marked 'AA' or 'AAA' etc. All cordless hand tool batteries that I am aware of are 21v but there are many different capacities to fit them, for example 48VF, 88VF, 98VF and 268VF.
  4. From another thread, Crossy works out a cable drop of 4v over 60 metres of a 16mm cable. That's only 132 watts, 2.2 w/m. Easily dissipated methinks.
  5. Well spotted sir. The optimum fixed angle for best average performance throughout the year is south and +17° from horizontal.
  6. There are plenty of plusses in favour of floating solar farms. The only thing missing for me is optimisation of the panel angle from the horizontal. But then the cooling effect of the body of water might possibly compensate for that a bit.
  7. Somehow I don't imagine you will be too upset really. re. Car port solar.
  8. Brasso + elbow grease does a pretty good job.
  9. Is the metalwork of the sink earthed? Your electrical problem is probably due to an electrical fault where the live is in contact with the water supply. Is the water from the utility or from your own well? If from your own well then you have some faulty equipment. If water is from the utility supply then it is probably someone in another house nearby who is without a ground.
  10. Agreed and, with some vaccines, that future is not so far off hence the need for boosters.
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