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  1. Its nice to see Prayut sporting the latest in designer Camouflage Wear. And with the sickly look on that poor guys face, hes being told quite graphically what will happen to his Nuts if he doent produce a Vaccine very quickly.
  2. Case numbers in general appear to be declining throughout Asean. However, Thailand still has roughly a 1/3 rd of all the total infections within the Bloc. I can see a Race starting to develop in which the other Nations are going to open fully to Tourists, due to much lowercase Loads , and Thailand is going to be left high and very dry.
  3. It was said just prior to the allowing of travel nationwide or the long Holiday of Song Kran. Now they announce that we are not to worry prior to another long Holiday of Loy Kratong. Hold on to your Hats .
  4. Nothing, as far as I am aware, has been said about people that arrive and are tested positive upon their Mandatory PCR test. Are these people whisked off to some Covid prison to undertake a 14 Day Quarantine before their departure back to their Country of origin Or are they allowed to Vacation with not having to do Quarantine. The thought of being on an Aircraft that touches down in Swampy, and just 1 passenger tests positive is horrendous.
  5. They are small Fry. There was an incident Months ago now, where a whole Warehouse was packed to the Rafters with soiled masks awaiting reprocessing. Many more had already been distributed and Sold ( dont know where ), and the scam was estimated to be hundreds of Millions of Baht. There have also been numerous incidents of False Hand Sanitizer being produced and sold. LOS = Land of Scams
  6. Thailand still has 30 % of all the reported cases in the Asean Bloc. Double the percentage of any other Nation. It would seem as if there are many more Nations in Asean that are in a much better position to open up their Countries to Tourists.
  7. And this story is about the Contaminated Nitrile Gloves. How many used Face Masks have been recycled, and how much Hand Sanitizer is just dish washing fluid. The whole episode is both Immoral and sickening.
  8. It is impossible for the Airlines to operate under the flip-flop conditions, and uncertainty that the Thai Government seem to throw out there every single day. Planes need to be scheduled, many are stood idle and need pre use checks Etc, Many Pilots will need retraining, and then of course there is the burdened cost of the slots at the Airports, that if not utalised fully, are a massive burden on costs. Until Thailand can get its act together and give the Airlines " Concrete Plans " on reopening, the Planes will stay in Mothballs in some Desert, and the Pilots will be unemployed.
  9. With a Prison population of about 320,000 people, there was always going to be a massive number who tested positive. And the Death / Numbers rate for the Prisons is ?????. I have not read of one single report on this matter ! I think there was a large onus placed upon this Green Chireeta Herbal stuff to reduce the numbers, but with 72,359 Infection reported, ( roughly 25 % ) of all the total population locked up, that is an appalling number, and the herbal medication should be immediately withdrawn from use.
  10. In any other Beachside Resort around the World, Public Conveniences are strategically placed as part of the Infrastructure, and well maintained. These kinds of things are just taken for granted by Tourists, who expect these kind of facilities to be in place, and that they do not need to looking for a Toilet to use and be charged 10 Baht for the privilege of being able to use a stinking facility up a side street. And not just along the Beach road area should Public Toilets be available.
  11. And in 3 to 5 Years time gambling will be made legal in Thailand, with all the big Casino,s Etc being Chinese owned You only need to look as far as Sihanoukville in Cambodia to see Pattaya,s future.
  12. I had a similar issue with a UK Bank. The solution was the +66 Format for the International Call / SMS. This was after many Years of using a Zero ( 0 ) before the Thai Number I use. At this point I will say I use AIS on the 1 2 Call I would try these small things first, and you should be able to transport your number from True to AIS no problem. Good Luck, I hope this all works out for you.
  13. I know what I think about that, and have been banging a Drum on the subject since the very first introduction of the ATK tests
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