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  1. Only 10 Days ago, Russia and India were cited as being the savior's of the Tourist Industry, yet neither Country is on this list Strange
  2. One solution may be to buy this fella out. Buy out his Business, and make it a legal condition of sale that he cannot start any similar business or any other kind of Business on the land , that may cause any offence to you within 100 years .
  3. Not only was the Evergrande share price down yesterday, but it was reported that 2 more very large Property Developers in China had defaulted on Loans !00 % of Loan to book value on these new Thai loans is a very scary proposition indeed. I would fully expect the Loans in special situations and also NPL loans to skyrocket over the next couple of years or so.
  4. Not only have the ATK test published numbers dropped dramatically from the rapid rise to its peak on 10 th October, but there also now appears to be a further downward trend in the reporting of ATK tests to only about 50 - 60 % of the peak value that was only 12 Days ago, Strange, considering how cheap and easily obtainable the tests are now.
  5. Specs are poor on the vehicles manufactured and sold here compared with EU, and probably US also.
  6. Only 10 Days ago the Thai Authorities were spouting that Russia was one of there main target Countries for the opening, yet they have failed to make this list.
  7. As Denim has already stated, the service is Free, and the Online registration is easy ( even I managed it without the help of my Daughter ) I registered 25 September and got First Jab of Pfizer on 15th October at Central festival Pattaya. Second jab appointment on 4 th November at the same venue. I have to state that I am over 60 Years old, and maybe this had something to do with the rapid and efficient service, from the Government App, right through to the Doctor of Bangkok Pattaya Hospital that administered the jab. Fast and efficient service _ well done and thank you to
  8. Thailand has the highest number of Cases by a Farmers Mile in the Asean Bloc again.
  9. This do called " miracle " cure is being grown and produced within the Prison confines, and as such is not being tested on the Prisoners at the moment, they are processing it and packaging it.. It has been well documented that this product was " trialed " on 3000 Prisoners in a Prison at Chang Mai several Months ago, and the Prison Authorities stated that it had good results. However, I have not heard of any Kosha medical Trials being undertaken on this product, and would question its ability to cure Covid, and also the highly irregular way in which these so called trials were condu
  10. There is also a rapid rise in cases from Russia ( i know its Europe ) but Russia/ Latvia Etc are one of the main target demi graphs for the November 1 st opening. With the onset of the European Winter season, which seems to be the pinnacle time for Covid, I am sure there will be very few Tourists from there stepping foot in Thailand any time soon.
  11. if you test drive to find any problems, be very aware that the seals within the Brake Calipers etc may well be perished because of Zero use Be safe !
  12. And believe it or not, Thailand is not just a massive grower of Sugar Cane, but also on of the Worlds largest Importers of Sugar. They just cant get enough of the stuff.
  13. But sadly, these people do not react to such warnings. Instead, they allow their Stock to perish, then whine and bitch about the floods and go looking for Government Compensation.
  14. OP Do you really think they would try to even pull such a stunt. ? The ramifications from doing so and being " caught out " would be immense.
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