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  1. Maybe spend some time with them, instead of being totally useless here.
  2. Take one ‘toke’ instead of three? Try a Sativa rich strain?
  3. I don’t smoke 🚭 You need a girlfriend. You are obviously a frustrated old man.
  4. A bit sad this one. A bit like a chav would act if they had just won the lottery. You really need to tone it down. The ‘privately educated’ bit was just shameful. Three different posts with pictures?? Why not just make the one post with three pics? You were so impressed with it. Stop putting money in front of good character, you are making yourself look bad. How did you manage to get from “Looking to buy a condo in Pattaya” to “Look at me, I am paying £9 for a cocktail in Bangkok”?
  5. Hyperbole is not necessary in this case. In general only their Champagne cocktails reach those dizzy heights. Half that price is the norm. When living in Bangkok, I would patronise both Lebua’s Sirocco and Banyan Tree’s Vertigo and Moon Bar. Sirocco’s caviar pricing was interesting 😊
  6. Clearly not from smoking weed, as you would surely be more self aware. You’re like the drunk who believes he’s the life and soul of the party. In reality, just pitiful. Carry on… no skin off my back…sad sack.
  7. Sounds like you need to broaden your skill set…
  8. Haven’t you actually got any friends? You seem to start with your weird behaviour as soon as you wake up. Why not start your own thread at least once in a while, rather than just being another board Troll 😈
  9. Smoking wasn’t the only criteria. So there is not always a mess etc
  10. You sound angry. Perhaps you NEED something to help you to calm down.
  11. Try to not be quite so disingenuous when you post. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defund_the_police
  12. I can give you some examples… Going to the gym every day to do repetitive exercises. Sitting in bars drinking alcohol. Cycling 1000kms weekly. All of those things will be strange to some people. You are strange. I am strange. But only some people will notice. What is funny is that you like to comment on the ‘strangeness’ of other people. Which leads me to think that you think that you are ‘normal’. You are not. 😊
  13. Weird… Reading this kind of nonsense churned out every day by the same people really draws a picture of those who have been brainwashed. If you have traditional values and love them, keep them. What is stopping you from doing so? Unless your tradition is to offend and abuse others….
  14. Correction… I wrote it and Admin added a bit to it.
  15. I’ve noticed your penchant for calling people strange, if they do anything differently from the way you do it… You know that there is a wide SPECTRUM of behaviours that can be considered normal, don’t you? It’s the rigid who are stuck somewhere on the spectrum. Relax, live and let live. I can guarantee that if we met, I could pinpoint many ways in which you are ‘strange’.
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