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  1. Sinovac, Sinopharm and Sputnik have been approved by the the WHO but not by any Western regulators. So the bar at WHO must be a pretty low.
  2. Someone said the first million doses will be grabbed by the Red Cross which has been subjected to at least one publicly revealed demand from the military to provide doses to officers and their families.
  3. I wonder how he got to study in what appears to be a Chinese state school after the communist takeover without Chinese citizenship. Did they really allow foreigners to enroll? It seems unlikely. China used to consider all overseas Chinese as their citizens (still does to a great extent) and readily issued passports to them without worrying about dual nationality. They only banned dual nationality in the 1970s under pressure from Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines who were fearful of a 5th column of a Chinese citizens loyal to the communist
  4. The maid's teenage daughter living with grandparents in Ubon province has had a very bad reaction to her first Pfizer shot. Granparents think she needs hospitalization but all the hospitals in the area have refused to take her because they are full with COVID cases. Doesn't sound like cases are falling in that particular part of the country. Also we are not hearing much of serious side effects of Pfizer in children but the folk up there say she is not an isolated case. I don't really how bad the girl is but it is worrying that she can't get any medical assistance. I hope she recovers soon.
  5. This completely pointless venture is a boondoggle for syphoning off taxpayers' money in consulting expenses from fake overseas companies and other spurious costs. It will need to be bailed out by the government just like the Thai Elite card company that had no excuse for losing money but was never investigated.
  6. I think they are getting access to an international system that provides advance info on passengers.
  7. He could start by arresting all the foreign boiler room boys that pay monthly protection fees to the BiB to be allowed to continue ripping off foreigners. Arrest the cops while they are about it.
  8. The reason they only test about 40k people a day is that they don't want people to know how many cases there are.
  9. They should sanction ministers and not allow them or their families visas.
  10. Police in Dubai are thought to have singled out Hood after monitoring WhatsApp I thought WhatsApp was encrypted.
  11. Don't watch violence on Squid Game watch it in nightly videos of RTP brutal treatment of Thalu Gas protestors.
  12. Gradually stop worrying. When you are dead of COVID already, no need to worry any more.
  13. They never make clear whether 17% is the top marginal tax rate or a flat rate, as in HK. If the latter, they would end up paying more on lower salaries. The most important thing is going to be the overall package. Thai companies don't to hire expats at expat rates and would rather hire several unqualified Thais for the same money. Will lowering the tax rate change this mindset?
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