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  1. Something that should be watched from a distance - about 500 metres.
  2. Thailand is going down a path that clearly indicates that this is not a country that western people with money/income from home should retire to in SEAsia. Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are also tax resident income tax systems, and they all state that anyone living in the country 180-183 days is a tax resident - but they have made allowances for retired/married Expats. Malaysia has specifically excluded the Pensions of Expats and they also excluded any income that has been subjected to the taxation system of the origin country (whether tax applied or not). Philippines and Indonesia (P and I) have not changed their existing tax codes, because they both state that an Alien/Foreigner only pays income tax on revenue earned/made in their country, and both state that any income earned overseas by an Alien/Foreigner, whether brought into their country or not, is not taxable. All three of those other countries have implemented the global taxation system OECD etc. but they have all either made allowances for Aliens/Foreigners, and/or they have kept those rules which exclude them from being taxed for any overseas incomes. Thailand's existing taxation code does allow for the taxation of the overseas income of Aliens/Foreigners when remitted into Thailand. In the past Thailand did not apply this in practice - as with many things - but it looks like they now will be. Thailand is looking to change their tax code in a year or two (maybe needs a change in the Act, but maybe not) such that all income of Aliens/Foreigners is taxable on a global basis, whether remitted to Thailand or not. All those things mean Thailand is not an ideal country in which to retire - from the perspective of income taxes. Plus of course the Immigration and Visa issues are all bad, and far more onerous than all the other countries, except Vietnam. But Thailand is a great country with many good things that make retirement great - but they are no longer the ideal location to retire. If I did not have a Thai wife I would be visiting here for under 180 days each year - probably live in Philippines and enjoy Thailand as a holiday destination. If the poo hits the fan and this all goes pearshaped, then we will probably move there - the wife does not want to pay those corrupt f******** any of my money.
  3. Fixed. But that is only if the 3% interest (300 Baht) is paid every day. 10K after one month is 25K - if no interest paid !! 10K after one year of not paying the interest is 1.2 Million Baht - 12,000% That is why the sharks pursue them 'rigorously' after a few weeks. What many Thais do is borrow 1K because they urgently need 500. Then they use the 500 and pay back the 30 each day using the other 500K - hoping they can get 1K within 2 weeks. It is ugly and it is endemic in poor Thai society - not a good thing at all. But there is a lot of it in the middle/big end too (there the sharks are called banks).
  4. Royal CD Keys have it all online and are the best I have found over the last decade - located in Hong Kong. Price is good and their delivery and support is very good - they will send email with link to download and with codes/keys. The software and keys are all legal and they work - I have bought a few things from them and no problems. You want software and want it online - try these guys first. I am not a gamer, but they do that - very popular with them. Cheap Operating System Keys - Get Windows 10 and More! – RoyalCDKeys
  5. We live in KK - fibre to the house - paid 700 baht to connect a new line - 700-900Mbps. Back up is a one year DTAC mobile plan for unlimited data which gives 5-7Mbps (one device at a time though).
  6. Going forward, Thailand desperately needs international investments which have been declining since the Junta, and are in rapid decline now as nearby countries offer more to investors (especially Malaysia and Indonesia). Tourism is not a viable long term plan for an economy and some Thais know that. Structural reform of Laws and Infrastructure and Laws are needed (as per the BTO Head), and that will only happen if/when the Parliament is 'stable'. The time has come to 'destroy' the political power of the military once and for all, and that will only happen if Parties that are aligned with the Junta are removed or decimated/irrelevant. And that will only happen if MFP and PT work together and take over Parliament - when there is a Senate who will not block changes (coming soon we hope). It the end (hopefully 2-5 years) MFP and PT will then split and take take up the traditional roles, as in all western democracies, where the two main political Parties are left (MFP) and right (PT) - with both trying to won the centre, and with both going into and out of power. For the last 3 decades it has been the Military and a very fragmented Opposition (made so by the military etc), what Thailand needs is the removal all all political influence and control by the Military and their supporting Parties.
  7. You have agreed with my point - without knowing it - thanks. If you look at that and other posts of mine I point out that the Judea-Christian societies most of us came from, did the same thing all over the world - some say we 'civilised' most of the world - some say we enslaved it - whatever works for you. But the point is, yes we/us travelled a long way and forcibly overtook and converted other societies/countries in the name of religion (and business). But we do not do that anymore. 1. Islam did that too, but they were driven out and/or forced to withdraw - they never once willingly left - we did in many places. 2. Islam did it differently in Malaysia and Indonesia - rather than conquering and converting - they slowly slowly took over. 3. Islam is now following the non-violent (as such) path and is conquering Europe "through the wombs of our women" as the Arab man said they would do many decades ago.
  8. Good plan - that is thinking ahead. We have Plan C as the option - to go back to Australia full time - but we will rent. Meanwhile we have kept our address - technically we are still renting part of a house (for a very small fee).
  9. Yep - they will follow procedure and check up on you - but the CLink staff usually dont care and they just want to 'tick the box'. But if you has of said something a bit suss, then they might have put a mark on your file for a follow up later. If you are going to do the 2 years, stay under the radar and give all the 'right' appearances and they will leave you alone. How CLink 'gets' most people is because some bitch/ar...ole dobs them in and they investigate. People talk - they talk to him, he talks to her, she talks to her, she talks to him, and bla bla bla - around it goes. If you tell one person you will be going back to Thailand, someone who you never spoke to or know may dob you in. There are some feminazis and a few ar...oles who just hate the idea of a bloke shagging beautiful young women. They are sometimes jealous and have a grudge, or they see it as exploitation of poor young girls - and there are a lot of them who think that way. Shut up and say nothing - to family, friends, and others - say you want to stay and that you hope it works out OK.
  10. I will answer that. They never let hypocrisy get in the way 😅 They want their old country and other western countries to be liberal progressive woke societies, but are happy to live in a country that is not liberal, not woke, and not progressive. They swoon over Pita and the chance he will change Thailand into the disastrously dystopian society like California, but they have no understanding that the main reason they like Thailand so much, is because the society is not woke, progressive or liberal. They cannot see that things like the recent $20p/h minimum wage in California is a total disaster, just like all the other disastrous woke liberal progressive nonsense that has slowly turned California into the dystopian place it is now. They screamed blue murder over Trump being POTUS when in their opinion he was mentally challenged, and yet they 'pass' Biden because he is a Democrat. They even ignore the fact that the DOJ/FBI did not charge Biden with a serious crime, because he was old and frail and had mental decline. They rarely ever see their own hypocrisy, because they would become internally conflicted, and cognitive bias is all about protecting one from that stressful situation. The good news is that the young people who do grow up and see reality can and often do make that switch - that is why so many young people are liberals but so many older people are conservatives. Unfortunately, those here who are old and entrenched cannot change, and they are conflicted and grumpy, and always blame others for their own internal stress.
  11. Good statement - not the answer to the question - but spot on about why many blokes come here and decide to stay.
  12. You obviously have to be IN Australia to apply for OAP -I have never said otherwise. Being In Australia means you have the needed proof of residence etc. or you are getting it sorted. The issue is proving you intend to stay once you apply - meaning not giving the impression you do intend to leave. Not doing things like telling people that you will be going back to Thailand as soon as the 2 years is up. Not living in rented hotel rooms in different hotels/places - and not starting to 'make a life' in Australia. Not having a Thai wife/gf who still lives in Thailand - and not visiting her every year. And so many other things that make CLink decide that you never intended to stay. You have to make it appear that you are staying forever - ridiculous but that is the situation when you apply after 67. As @Nemises said and what I did - go back 2-4 years before 67 and make it look like you are staying (still important). And then leave the month after getting approved for OAP - portability is then automatic - no CLink decision needed. Many people have burned all their money, so they cannot afford to live in Australia on the dole (have to wait for OAP). But it can be done - as long as you dont try to live in a big City on the beach and eat out a lot and drink party etc etc. Go to a big regional town and rent a small unit/van (rental subsidy) - there are no jobs, so dole is automatic. Buy food in bulk and have those cheap lunches at the RSL clubs now and then. Dont drink and smoke a lot - or anything else that wastes too much money - actually save up (as if looking to buy). And this is a big one - avoid the women who will try to suck whatever money you have out of you (and anything else). Rent if you need to every now and then - but dont be stupid and have a permanent one - many blokes do and never get back.
  13. It always amazes me how the ignorant will automatically believe what Actors, Sportspeople and Reporters say. In the west most right wing people have learned that they all have their own beliefs and their own personal interests at heart. Left wing people believe everything they say - as long as it is the 'woke narrative' and see anyone else expressing another view as far-right and other insults. They all lie - Trump lies, Biden lies, all Politicians lie - but Democrats lie a lot more than Republicans on average. The only POTUS I know of that never lied was Reagan - he got it wrong many times, but he never knowingly lied AFAIK. Yes he did the BS to USSR about things like their missile defences, and other countries about certain things - but that was his job - and he 'lied' very well (spoke his lines like a very skilled experienced actor).
  14. While all you do is the same - except it is NATO/Ukraine BS propaganda.
  15. You are blind if you fail to see that since the early 2000s, Ronin De Niro has done very little great acting like in his past - The Irishman being the only exception. Sure a few very well selected smaller parts here and there, but no really great performances as the lead actor. Your blindness to that is because he hates Trump and speaks publicly about that. You probably think Kathy Griffin is a great entertainer too. End of Story.
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