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  1. It's a wait and see till January before booking any flights. Thailand has shown that they are not to be trusted when it comes to entry into the country policy. Besides, my country isn't even on the list of preferred counties. So until that happens, no Thailand trips in my future. Which is a good thing the way I see it.
  2. But the same chats shows the length of stay for EU is 2.5 times longer. 7 days vs 17 days. So more money is being spent over the 17 days in Thailand vs the 7 days.
  3. Its all about the money. Lot of countries with high rates of covid infections. Im from a lower rate county than a lot of countries on the list. Im sure Mexico will take my money. Goodluck Thailand. You'll need it. ***click***
  4. What, no Canada? The list is only about how many tourists that country can generate for Thailand. Plane and simple.
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