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  1. No more no less? How about very high risk is that standard nomenclature? Did the WHO say any of this or is it all made up? https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/omicron-poses-very-high-global-risk-countries-must-prepare-who-2021-11-29/
  2. Yes and as usual the media has grabbed it and run with it.
  3. If you think getting into Thailand is a punish don't even attempt the VTL system you'll really have something to cry about.
  4. If WHO was the voice of sanity maybe the shouldn't have started the fear mongering by labelling it a cause of major concern 48 hours after it was discovered.
  5. Ah yes hilarious and what if only 100 of them have delta with a mean reproductive rate of 5? How many can they pass it onto in the first week potentially?
  6. I stay at the novotel to ..worse still what if it's the free transport provided by the hotel to most of the hotels surrounding swampy and bang Na how do you show proof of that. Has anyone ever booked a taxi before arriving In Thailand?
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