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  1. For a village house I bought "The Kitchen" by Sanki. Very good quality if you want the stainless steel countertop. I also bought Sanki counter doors for a restroom. Great value in my opinion. Sanki products are made in Thailand.
  2. I have visited showrooms in Bangkok and Home Expos when planning a new home in Buriram Province in 2007. I also visited the kitchen department of the Ikea store when it opened in Bangkok. I know several people who enjoy the value and ease of ordering a kitchen from Ikea. I've seen beautiful kitchens in Buriram built by a UK expat and his team of Ice Furniture. I hired two Thai craftsmen to build an indoor Western Kitchen and an outdoor Thai kitchen in 2007. I was pleased with their work. They used Q-con blocks, Q con kitchen counter pieces, (similar to Diamond Kitchen Counters) real granite, e
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