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  1. "If it is so much better in UK I wonder why you're here???" Not another? - Yawn!
  2. " raised concerns about Pattaya’s image as a tourist destination" Copy and paste for imminent future use! Why aren't these security guards licensed as in the UK and other countries? Any misbehaviour like that mentioned in the post as in the post should mean loss of licence - hence loss of job!
  3. "UK former mercenary, living in Thailand for 22 years, fined and warned by Udon Thani police after assault at PTT station. Man agrees to pay full compensation and apologises to the Thai victim’s family..............." "A UK man, a former mercenary who has lived in Thailand for 22 years, was fined and warned by Udon Thani police on Friday. It came after he was summoned by police for being involved in an assault at a PTT station in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The UK man also agreed to pay full compensation and offered his apologies to the family of the Thai man he assaulted. Police, it is understood, declined to revoke the 44-year-old man’s visa due to his previous cooperation with the Immigration Bureau on Ko Samui and the fact that this was a first-time offence." The foreigner who assaulted a 25-year-old service station employee in Udon Thani in the early hours of Wednesday morning has been fined and booked by police. The man was identified by Udon Thani police as 44-year-old Mr Davis. In brief, a UK national who has lived in Thailand for 22 years. Mr Davis is reported to be a former mercenary or soldier for hire. Do we really need to be told 3 (Three!) times in 3 paragraphs that he has been fined and warned/booked by Police? Or 4 (Four!) times that he is a UK national who was a former mercenary?
  4. 😆 I think in this case "school" doesn't mean a school - it means a "school of thought/law" e.g. I got this from Google - I don't know anything about Muslim/Islam rules/laws:- "The Jaʿfarī school,[a] also known as the Jafarite school, Jaʿfarī fiqh (Arabic: الفقه الجعفري) or Ja'fari jurisprudence, is a prominent school of jurisprudence (fiqh) within Twelver and Ismaili (including Nizari)[1] Shia Islam, named after the sixth Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq.[2" P.S. Jurisprudence is "the study, knowledge, or science of law."
  5. "The Quran only teaches violence for self defense" ??? "Death penalty is the traditional form of punishment for both male and female apostates for leaving Islam. Jaʿfari or Imāmī school – Male apostates must be executed,
  6. And just see what happens if you become a Muslim and try to leave:- "Death penalty is the traditional form of punishment for both male and female apostates for leaving Islam. Jaʿfari or Imāmī school – Male apostates must be executed, while female apostates must be held in solitary confinement until they repents and return to Islam." Peace and love? Right!
  7. I've made mistakes, like leaving an ATM card in a machine etc, but I've never had 2 million's worth of baht of gold to carry about, and if I had, I don't think I'd have carried it about in a bag on the back of a motor bike taxi! But it sounds like she's never had any problems before, so she could have been doing it on a regular basis, and got a bit lax?
  8. With the post about e-cigarettes yesterday, and then only buds to be illegal, and today now apparently all except cannabis for medical use, no wonder Thailand's "politicians" (Inverted commas on purpose!) will never convince the rest of the World that they should be taken seriously. "One forward - two back!"
  9. I remember reading once a very apt description of the Muslim and Christian beliefs. "It's like two schoolchildren arguing in the playground about who has the best imaginary friend." Whoever said it was spot on!
  10. "Thailand Set to Recriminalise Cannabis Amid Expert Outcry" Misleading headline - it reads like the experts are complaining about it being recriminalised!
  11. And this is to do with education? Well, I suppose it is in a way if you are talking about educating yourself on Thai cuisine!
  12. The Thai elite don't want the plebs to be educated - look what nearly happened at the last election!
  13. But...but... it all happened so long ago and he's a changed man now - honest!🙄
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