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  1. "The Thai health system has a focus on stopping problems before they happen, and is surprisingly cheap and effective." Try telling that to the guy who went to a private hospital on Koh Samui a few years back after a minor accident and they were going to charge him 19,000 baht (NINETEEN THOUSAND!) for 1 (ONE!) stitch in a cut finger!
  2. Thai , they mostly love themselves only , and they are always right anyway ... they think I usually ask anyone that comes out with that old chestnut:- "Who invented the aeroplane, the train, the television, the car, the washing machine etc etc etc, and the telephone that you spend so much time on talking about "dumb farangs"? An amusing story I heard a while ago involved a motor bike taxi driver who was involved in an accident, and wanted his fare to pay for the damage as "if he hadn't hired him the accident wouldn't have happened in the first place!"
  3. Mind you, on Samui, the only places where you can "legally" get a drink are the restaurants that have bought a special license ("Samui Green Zone") The bars are all still officially closed.
  4. “Repair this planet, not find the next”. At the end of a (Sir) Richard Attenborough series ("Life on Earth"?) he was standing beside a huge NASA rocket, and commenting on the fact that America had just authorising the spending of millions of dollars into investigating the possibility of colonising another planet, and he brought the entire series to an end by asking "Would that money not be better spent looking after the one that we've got?" Words of wisdom from a very wise and talented man!
  5. “Suppose Lisa’s appearance attracts a million foreign tourists into Thailand and each of them spends an average of 75,000 baht, this will translate into 75 billion baht in foreign exchange,” Suppose that is the equivalent of supposing a star appears in the East - again!
  6. The UK have more holidays, but the USA not so many! The Americans (on average) have 10 days holiday - the UK has 28!
  7. "Tourism accounted for about a third of Cambodia's GDP and one-fifth of Thailand's." That's 20%! Much more than we were told originally - before Covid!
  8. All efforts to woo the tourists back have failed, so now they say they didn't want them anyway because they are aiming for a "better class of people"?.
  9. "The visitors will need to cover expenses incurred from these requirements." Of course! Couldn't be any other way!
  10. "Thailand’s new Immigration Bureau boss wants a tighter ship when it comes to tracking foreign residents in the kingdom and tourists." So, more bureaucracy at Immigration Offices when applying for an extension? I have to take more than 100 signed photocopies every year for mine! No wonder the rainforests are in decline!
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