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  1. You are wrong about that, an extension based on marriage remains valid until it expires in the case of the spouse's death.
  2. Actually, the standard VAT rate in Thailand is already 10%, and has been for decades. The rate has been "temporarily" reduced to 7%, a reduction which will expire on 30th September 2024 unless again extended by the government. So the government wouldn't have to raise the rate, they can just let the current reduction in the rate expire in September.
  3. Keep an eye on the cells in your new battery packs. I installed an identical battery pack (from same seller) in January, and after just three months of very gentle use (as you can see from the cycle count) one of the cells is already failing: To protect the cells I set the low voltage cut-off at 3V, and when cell 9 reaches that voltage the other 15 cells are still close to 3.3V (approximately 70% SOC). As a result I have very little usable capacity in the pack. Clearly, cell 9 has a manufacturing defect, even though it looked OK when i first received the battery pack. I have sent all the evidence to Luyuan, and am waiting for their engineers to take a look at it.
  4. Says the guy who spends his days commenting on a topic he has no interest in.
  5. I assume that when you say you paid more than 7% VAT, you are referring to the difference between the printed price excl. VAT of Baht 689.72 and the price you paid of Baht 806.00? If that is correct, you seem to be missing that the price excl. VAT is the price per kg., so to reach the final price you have to do 689.72 x 1.092 x 1.07.
  6. Your Bangkok Bank card is a debit card. The card may be locked for online use, in which case you will have to ask the bank to unlock it.
  7. Unless you made an error typing one of the amounts, the difference is USD 233.
  8. Kor Ror 2 and Kor Ror 22 both show your current marriage status, K.R. 2 is for Thai marriages while K.R. 22 is for marriages performed abroad and subsequently registered in Thailand. The original, flowery marriage certificate is Kor Ror 3.
  9. I did read the posts, and unlike you I actually understood what was being said.
  10. And two accounts in the same bank is still only guaranteed for at total of 1 mio. Baht.
  11. No he didn't, he stated that the alternative of living here doing single Non-O visas with 60 day extensions was expensive.
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