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  1. No, as mentioned I have only ever used the card in ATMs. I have never entered the card number online or used it in a shop, nor have I given the physical card to any third-party. The card is always in my wallet and only comes out when I need money from an ATM. I used to have a ATM only card, and only changed it when I was forced to because the old card didn't have a chip and only a four digit PIN code. Since the change I have used the new card exactly as I did the old ATM only card. The only ones who could possibly have my number is the company that made the card and my bank. So eit
  2. Nor do I. I also don't use my card in physical shops. I have only ever used the card to take money out from the ATMs. I have never used my Thai debit card for PayPal. Despite the above my card was debited for 71 transactions of 34.15 Baht each.
  3. Maybe they raised the limits along the way, because they were sending too many SMS messages for tiny amounts. This is what their website says:
  4. I had exactly the same thing happen Monday night/Tuesday morning, almost 80 debet transactions of Baht 34.15 each on my Bangkok Bank debit card. I have never used the card online or to pay for anything in the shops, the only time the card have been used is in Bangkok Bank ATMs to withdraw money. The only way anyone would have been able to get my card details is if they worked in the bank or in the company producing the cards or have hacked into the bank/card company's systems. The officer at the bank informed me that the transactions was from Google's payment systems and originate
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