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  1. will there be any treatment for those of us who are staying behind, despite all the hoops?
  2. Of the 100,000, - some 40,000 were Thais returning home - some 30,000 were foreigners who were not willing to go through 14 day ASQ. - Another 29997 were business related and new work permit holders. There were 3 legitimate tourists, who were spotted bar hopping (i mean restaurant hopping) in khao san road over the weekend.
  3. Like any other country, Nigeria also has its fair share of bad eggs. They account for 20% of Africa's population. Its also common for any other central or west african to be painted nigerian when caught for any mischief. When we talk about banning visas for Nigerians; Lets not forget the investments western corporates have in Nigeria, Chevron- Texaco, Exxon-Mobil, Total, Shell, BP, Schlumberger, Sinopec, Cnoc, Saipem, Sheraton, Hilton, Accor, followed by mid sized businesses. Hundreds of thousands of Caucasians, and Asians happily work in Nigeria and those w
  4. are masks worn in restaurants, where alcohol is consumed?
  5. You hit the nail on the head BTS & malls have more transient head count. BTS is way more packed than any bar. If BTS has been functional, wonder how bars are more risky. unless, alcohol is the covid medium.
  6. If only one had access to 'test positivity ratio', can one measure rising or falling infections. Else, infection rate can be manipulated by the number of tests being done
  7. Got it, Joe. Thank you very much. Back to the drawing board
  8. With the new costume is he preparing to make a forced entry to access his stache in Swiss..
  9. Thank you, Joe. Would that be the country of first boarding or country of transit? Some flights available to us have more than 24 hour layover, hene the question.
  10. Thank you, Joe. I appreciate your response. Should the PCR test be within the 72 hours window upon arrival in Thailand?
  11. Few questions to anybody who has gone through 7 day sandbox, AFTER introduction of new rules on 1st November. 1. Did you have to obtain CoE from Thai embassy or do you complete Thailand pass? 2. At which stage and to whom should we produce the covid test (within 72 hours of flight), prior to boarding? 3. For those of us who have a transit (assuming flying from johannesburg, on qatar air), should the covid test be 72 before boarding the flight at Doha or is it 72 hours before boarding Jo' burg. Thank you for taking time to respond
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