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  1. No they are blaming the person that put the sidewalk in front of her.
  2. Actually the report and other articles point to a Hong Kong registered guy. The one they tried to kidnap to get their money backit has little to do with face and everything to do with a fear of all Thai PPE makers getting blacklisted and banned from internationalarkets. Heads will roll as they have to show the world they can be trusted
  3. 2 things Why do they picture a girl that has her nipples at the same level as her navel? She reminds me of the old joke. My mother-in-law was told that her heart was located just under her boob. When she tried to commit suicide she blew her knee cap off Also when was the last time a THAI THAI won the pageant.
  4. some cases they wait in the car some they go in a lot depends on the crowd at the party. Usually if it is young guys they will stand off to the side and watch. The bottom line is these guys are big, mean and have that don't <deleted> me off look that says police would be the least of your worries if you do something wrong. Even in the strip clubs they are watching there is no such thing as a "private" room they almost all have cameras. Used to sit int eh DJ booth and there was a video screen for each area.
  5. Aircon on the beach novell idea but I think I willpass extension cord too long. Sorry guess I better not post any pics LOL sand surf sun and cute bodies in bikinis
  6. Yes although they got rid of the one that was right on the beach. Tides seem a little higher than before
  7. There is a reason that when in the U.S. and Canada you hire a few girls for a party that the girls usually have an escort with them and or never go alone. While I agree that girls should not have to worry about this it is unfortunately a fact of society that when boys/men have a party where alcohol is present and pretty girls are that the BIG head cedes all thought to the little head. Also when you look at the way that Thai girls are normally treated and portrayed both in life but on TV that it is never a sae environment for a girl/lady to be in a group of men or boys
  8. Yes sorry for the confusion can you fix the title for simplification purposes please
  9. Personally I think this is probably your best approach rent the house from the company at a reasonable rate then just claim it as income and expenses. The one thing to remember is that Thais do not do out of the box very well and immigration does it even worse. I would suggest that you do the contract now before you do your visa extension just to9 make it easier.
  10. First the weather was great. If you are going then I suggest that you take the minibuses to Bang Phe. Easier and the busses take you right to the pier. The big difference is that there are no boats that go to the resorts the only way onto the island is through the main pier so it is a pain in the assets from that standpoint. Island taxis (they call them busses) are expensive. Thais and domestic expats are flocking to some of the locations. Sametville where I was was quite busy. While the bars are closed you can still buy beer and have it with
  11. Yeah it is always interesting. Before Pand I could buy most of my groceries for 2,000 baht. Now it is closer to 3 and not always able to get what I need. However the member of my family that is really <deleted> is my cat. Getting his favourite cat food is hit and miss as I guess they have trouble importing it or something.
  12. Not just Thailand all SE Asian countries did the same thing. The U.S. was fully aware of it and did nothing.
  13. That protect no one. The problem with the U.S. Laws is that they are not acted upon.
  14. There will be more cases no matter what you do., Opening the country will bring with it variants of covid. All you have to do is follow the number of people that have been vaccinated and still got the virus. Last time I checked and have not heard any different the MRNA are not to prevent you getting the virus but to lessen it's affect on you. Opening the borders right away is a wrong move. IMHO What they need to do is open the country to the domestic market. i.e bars and spas. Let's see the affect that that move has on the local populist and then m
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