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  1. Next cabinet meeting they should use this rice for dinner. Are they really serious about this anyone tht i ask if they would buy or use 10 yer od rice Laughesd at me LOL
  2. Now I am scared I was thinking the same thing about TS First, before anything can happen, they need to have streets that formula cars can race on. Next, they would have to hope that someone would drop out and a European country with high viewers would be interested. This guy is using these excuses so that he can holiday and enjoy the great life on the Thai people baht Going to be interesting to see what happens to him in a couple of days.
  3. you knew eventually, Thaksin would get his daughter in place. Consider this: by the time it gets sorted out, Thaksin should have HIS senate in place. Then he will have the stability and not have to worry about anything he proposes getting vetoed in the senate. The question is how long the military will wait. I am sensing tht if MFP gets done like they want, the PTP gets another Shin as leader ( could be hard with the other parties not being in love with her or him. Then, the military will shut down the treaty they have, remove their support, and put the country into another election before MFP can get established.
  4. How many people actually live in London or the big cities compared to how many live outside the cities? I agree that prices in BKK are ridiculous now, but that is why people are moving out of the city to other provinces, like here in Pathum Thani. Rent is cheap 6000 incl hydro Thais can buy a house for 2 million or get a new house for 5 million. food is good as well as services and bkk is only 60 baht and 1 hour away
  5. If you go to NANA you will see that they no longer sell vapes or liquids outright. They have pictures, and you can choose if they think you are not police, they can then get it for you. Something along the lines of what movies and software used to be.
  6. I use the same motor taxi outside my condo tip 10 and they always seem to watch. Also use the same groups of taxis and tip them always get great service and have had them no charge a couple of times
  7. Consider how hard it is to control gangs in supposedly countries with educated and better paid and equipped police forces
  8. Thanks, but this is for a Master can still use some of the ideas from it, though.
  9. The SOP, from what I gather, is in lieu of the university having to interview everyone.
  10. Thanks. Knowing that TIT and Thai universities do things differently, I was hoping someone had done one already so I could get an idea of what they were looking for.
  11. Single woman mmmm, I think I know the solution just ask the wife for permission first
  12. What they are looking for is why you chose this program and what you have done in to prepare for the course.
  13. Unfortunately, the robotics and engineering courses at Kmitl and a lot of schools now require it.
  14. Manners and what we were taught as kids have long gone with corporal punishment and parents being responsible. SORRY. This is ot just a Thai problem but a problem in almost every country.
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