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  1. Yes but current Thai law does not allow you to own a business.
  2. That might be an interesting survey: Do you smoke Did you quit after you arrived Do you not smoke before you came here.
  3. I see no real reason that anyone would need to own a house of land for commercial purposes. Unless they change the rules about businesses. Also I think that most people do just you said want to own their own house. I live in a garden community and would love to be able to just buy the garden home I am renting. If GF is nice to me I might even leave it to her in my will. BUT SHE IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE VERRRRRRY BAD TO BE VERY NICE.
  4. Thanks for asking I am planning same thing so very interested in the responses. I was told in a different thread that Samed comes under Rayong. I think we will just have to see what the changes will be when they "open" the country next month.
  5. Covid is the least of the worries. Imagine life as a kid without bugs bunny and friends. MASH would never have made it to pilot No all in the family No Happy Days I can honestly say that I have had a lot of friends that definitely did not agree with me. It made life better as well as made me better. The P.C culture is ruining the world. Consider this the top American News station on line or on TV is Fox news. I am teaching a class in DESIDERATA. Something that was written almost a hundred years ago. The s
  6. Hi I have a few coins that I want to get appraised. Is there anywhere online that I can get an idea of their worth or any reputable appraisers that can asist me.
  7. Amnesty is a very dangerous road with drop offs on both sides. Who gets it why and how will people abuse it are the big ones. Look at the U.S. They give amnesty to anyone that can walk swim or crawl across the southern border. BUT anyone that tries to do it the legal way at an airport is turned down. I think the idea of the police holding these carnival sideshows has to end. The problem with it all is that you are requiring someone to have a brain and think outside the Thai box. That is the problem here, be it teachers, police, military or m
  8. Silly question but how long does it take to top up an EV? Also what is the cost for doing so?
  9. Just wondering what is happening with Samed? Looking for a holiday mid October.
  10. The fines and prison term is too lenient. Most of them make more than 2ooK.
  11. No idea just walked past not really my thing buying porn or vibes. GF not a fan. Just likes the real things
  12. WAIT Wasn't the main reason or the impetus of the last coup because Yingluck and some of the PT members were trying to get her brother home? Every time they bring up Thaksin half the country goes into war mode getting ready to fight his case and the other half goes into war mode to fight him coming back. The fact that these old fossils are still relevant shows the problems that the young people have. Instead of protesting it might be better for them to start forming a new political party going by the book with 100 baht donations from thousands of
  13. Had to go see lawyer today. Their office is at NANA. So I took a walk around. I got there at 9 and walked over to Starbucks. First street pedlar I saw selling non food items was ???????? Selling viagra and such. Went across the street later and anyone want to guess the main thing being sold on the street wasss You guessed it sex aids and porn videos. Cops were only a few feet away, You have to laugh at the Hypocrisy of it all you can not buy a sext toy on lazada or have it mailed in but you can buy them on the stree
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