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  1. I played this course outside of Pakchong twice this week and really enjoyed it. I was a 15 hdcp six years ago but haven't played much since, so I enjoyed the generous fairways and scarcity of trees. I did find myself needing the sand wedge fairly often though. A couple of the greens had been top dressed but overall they were good. The publised green fees were 1200 bt for the weekday, but the manager used to be a student of my brother in law so I think we paid a bit less. All in all, a very good experience.

  2. . Since you are not coming until July, I would send an e-mail to tha Thai embassy and sjhe if she can renew uer Thai passport in the US, hopefully by mail..

    It guess it's worth a shot. I looked through my paperwork and I found her birth/house registration (original Thai and an English translation). The old passport is in her maiden name but I have marriage certificate as well. I see what I can do. Thanks.

  3. Tourist visas are good for 60 days, and can be extended at an immigration office for an additional 30 days if needed.

    She has plenty of time to renew her Thai passport prior to the trip.

    Thanks! She tried getting her brother to work on a new passport but he had some problem and wasn't able to do it. We think it will be a lot easier for her to take care of it in person.

  4. I posted in 2008 that I would be a resident by 2014. It looks like that time schedule is going to slide, but I have my tickets for a visit in July of this year. Looking forward to it!! It will be nice to finally see the house with my own eyes.

  5. Prices nearly quadrupled overnight. No deals for those living here, no sports days, nothing. Lump it or leave it.

    Ouch! I played Lamphun on a trip in 2001 and loved it.

    Can anyone tell me how prices are doing in the KhoaYai/Pakchong area courses? I'll be retiring in the area and playing a lot of golf is part of the plan...but I ain't rich!!

  6. I still have a multi-system TV I bought in Germany in the 80s that would play PAL, Secam, and others. I also had a multi-system video-tape player. That got me thinking the other day. Will the DVDs I own now be usable when I retire in Thailand? Are there international standards that all DVD players (or BlueRay for that matter) follow?

  7. Both of the above mentioned sites are commercial ones selling protein products.

    I believe that's a misrepresentation of what these sites are. Sisson does sell supplements (one protein product but much more along the lines of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) but his blog provides a wealth of knowledge on health related topics. And his eating recommendations run more towards high fat than high protein. Dr. Eades doesn't have a product line but is the author of a book entitled "Protein Power." You don't have to agree with either ut I believe both men write passionately about health issues because they believe conventional wisdom is wrong.

    They contain comments on the study, not new facts.

    Exactly, which I why I linked them. And they do a good job of explaining why you have to take these studies with a grain of salt (or a table spoon of protein powder :o ).

    the media has misrepresented it in sensationalist reports. Always seems to happen, alas.

    Totally agree!

  8. Squash doesn't take to TV very well.

    Game is too fast and ball is too small.

    But it is a great game to play.

    I'll admit that I really don't know the game other than some minimum exposure. It's just that the online examples I've found include some really long rallies that just seem like a repetitive back and forth. I guess they are similar to a ceiling ball rally in racquetball where you are being defensive but looking for an opportunity to go on the attack. I'd really be interested in trying it one of these days although I don't know if it's even played locally. I play a couple of very rigorous racquetball matches a week and that taxes this 57 year old body quite a bit. I'm planning on retiring (in Thailand) sometime after turning 62 -- don't know if I'll be up to taking up squash at that point. More likely I'll stick to golf! :o

  9. It helps have a good network of Farang friends and not be put under pressure by the locals to do anything that you do not wish to do.

    So how big is the farang population in the PakChong area? I'll be there looking for golf partners in about five years! :o

  10. I brought my rackets and balls with me. But the only thing I have found are Squash courts and they are too small for racquetball. Good luck, if you find any please post it here. I will play with you.

    Thanks man, but looks like we're outta luck. Hey, maybe time to buy one of those bars, bulldoze it, and put in a racquetball facility! Then make $$$$$$$!!! :o

    I brought this up several years ago and was told the game just isn't played in Thailand. I did find out where there are some courts--at the US JUSMAG compound.


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