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  1. You do not need a vpn however there are many sites where you can stream stuff these days. Therefore there is no need to bittorrent or download the items.
  2. This is really simple, No she has no rights to anything as you are not married. This is why many men choose to live in Thailand because there are no crazy laws like if she lives with you for 6 months she is entitled to 50% of your wealth like the crazy west!! The situation could be complicated because she may refuse to leave. Simple solution is to tell her you have money problems and can no longer afford the place or her generous monthly expenses. Rent a fan room for 5-6k a month and pay 3-6 months upfront. Tell her you need to move to the new room as you need to sell the condo and then let
  3. what about old people > 50, overweight people, people that smoke, drink, engage in risky business with bargirls/freelancers. Should we also require them all to be denied entry as well unless they have insurance, pass a health exam upon arrival, full std test and run 5km in under 30 minutes maybe
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