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  1. It is not opium, but it is an opiate. Heroin is a drug made from morphine which comes from opium... Heroin started it's life as a cough suppressant.... from Bayer.
  2. Opiates and Coca (this covers drugs like Heroin, Morphine, Cocaine) were unregulated and legal up until 1914 I believe... (Coke Cola recipe was changed as a result).
  3. Because drugs are bad, real bad... I turn your attention to your brain on drugs:
  4. Oh, rules do not get in the way of what the right people decide should happen... My bet is that the ones that went to great trouble making sure the wrong people were not selected PM, will not want to revisit this when they have already compromised the current PM (if brought down, there could be unintended consequences that would fracture the current coalition)... so a way will be found...
  5. "And if you are like many" is not the same as "You are like many" - it is a turn of phrase meant to imply that while you may do one thing, many will not ('many' not 'you'). It does not matter if the if the crosswalk is well marked, or not well marked in Thailand... crosswalks have seemingly NO meaning to Thai drivers for the most part - I get the feeling that they don't even know that a crosswalk infers a 'right of way' for a pedestrian to cross. It also indicates the driver should take caution when approaching the crosswalk to make sure they can act if someone starts crossing. In fact, I would say it is more dangerous to paint them on the road for those that know the standard is a right of way - especially if they come from a country where it is enforced strictly - as it gives a tourist a feeling that crossing it is safe to do. Try going to a crosswalk in Bangkok and stand at a crosswalk and point to indicate you are crossing... NO one will stop in most cases... effectively you are as safe doing that as jaywalking on a major roadway while the road is not clear.
  6. And then if you are like many - speed up to get through there before you have to stop for a pedestrian who has the audacity to get in your way and delay you - even for a second 🤣.... then "points += 5"
  7. I always just assume that any crosswalk is just another place to line up pedestrians for a game of pedestrian pinball.
  8. To be eligible for the Darwin award... the person must be deceased (to rid the gene pool of his genes).
  9. Yes, it is not a visa fee so much as a visa application fee.
  10. It is hit and miss with the US, but the first time applying - even with a good (even good government) job who is unmarried... has a good likelihood of rejection. It all depends on the who is involved in the decision at the Embassy. (i.e. don't get your or her hopes up) Also having a US boyfriend - who is not providing the US government with a support guarantee if she did not leave - is not necessarily a plus...
  11. That sounds like a stretch... probably just could not do without this drug for the entire vacation and had it on him... maybe he slipped it in his passport so he would be easily able to find it and forgot to take it out before handing his passport, or maybe he does not carry his important documents in their own compartment and it slipped in... either way... it is a life altering mistake... If all he had was for his own use and not for distribution, I hope he gets help and some leniency (and of course a standard blacklisting - which in his case would be a positive). Also hoping UK has an agreement to repatriate after a portion of his sentence is served to serve out remainder in UK prison.
  12. I usually buy my cloths from Marty's New Fashion at 178/1 Sukhumvit Road, Between Soi 8 and 10. It is a family run shop that was opened up more than 40 years ago (maybe back as far as the Vietnam war) at that location (before all the madness). It is run by two brothers (I have not seen the father there for a while so I am guessing he is retired). The cloths are well made and will last a very long time. I don't think they use a factory (though they use a seamstress somewhere nearby I think), all the material that they use to make it is sold in shop (and I seem to remember them going on business trips to find quality material). Usually they like to have you come back for a second fitting to make fine adjustments (after the first fitting and initial tailoring) -- though most times I have not needed further find adjustments.
  13. I don't think Thailand has jury trials - so there is no jury to taint. That is the main issue with fair trials is that they can make it unfair if you cannot seat a jury that is unbias... in countries with rights to jury trials you have to be more careful. I believe Singapore has a 3 judge system... here, I am not sure but I have not heard of juries.
  14. Message is irrelevant, courts are a different branch (in this case not co-equal but in many ways superior to the legislative branch).
  15. The best he can hope for bribes is to quietly leave and bribes be paid for him not to be blacklisted and the charges eventually dropped, then in a year or so he would be able to quietly enter... this was too public and too many people are watching for that to happen the old fashioned way.
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