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  1. If you're only watching DVDs then going above 4k will give no benefit. Nor will 4k itself. In fact you wouldn't even need an HD screen to get the best out of a DVD!
  2. Smart TVs are generally cheaper than non-smart as the manufacturers will make small margins or even a loss on the TV and make their real profits from selling your viewing history to anybody who wants it.
  3. As others have mentioned, you don't need a usb port on your TV to use a Fire stick or any other HDMI dongle/box. If you can find one, definitely go for a dumb TV. If you can only find a smart TV then never connect it to the internet, and use a HDMI dongle anyway if you value your privacy.
  4. "I am not smart, just gifted" lol okay. "Do you consider Danes, Norwegians or Dutch people more intelligent than the Brits or the French, as the latter do not speak more than their mother tongue usually" No. They just focused their brain power on learning the languages. To throw the question back at you... "Do you consider Danes more gifted than the Brits because they speak more languages?" If no, then your argument is flawed. If yes, then you just have a very odd definition of gifted (which I guess may be the case from the previous quote)
  5. There's no "maybe longer if needed", and there's no further 30 day extension (as another post spoke about). On a visa exempt (or tourist visa) the option you have is a single extension of 30 days. It is possible, maybe even probable, that you can use 'emergency' 60-day covid extensions after this, but they are constantly being reviewed and may or may not still be available when you need them. If you know that you need 60 days, and think you may want longer then you should apply for a tourist visa which gives you 60+30 for a total of 90 days. This also saves you a trip t
  6. For a start, learning languages takes hard work and perseverance. Most people who tried and failed just dismiss their failings as others "having a gift". Yes, as with any skill, it is easier for some than it is for others, but in any case it absolutely requires use of the brain. Which brings me to my second point... Secondly, being "gifted" is usually considered something beyond intelligent. Like a super level of intellect. So, all in all, I'm not sure what point you were trying to make...
  7. He won't get sweet wholesome families as there's nothing for them here. I personally think the next couple of months could going to get very ugly. Small businesses have been hanging their hopes on the big re-opening. I think there are currently a lot of people who believe the promises uncle P has made. Not necessarily out of any kind of allegiance.... more likely because they need to believe him as a successful reopening of the country is the last hope they have of survival. When the promised tourists don't materialize, I think that will be the last straw for many citiz
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