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  1. Those with money may do as they please. Those without must be whipped into line. Niiiiice.
  2. Aren't you from Sweden? If so, then according to this post, you're just as "same same" as your favourite nationality... https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/countries-that-issue-multiple-passports
  3. We're allowed to ask mods to post on our behalf??
  4. It would certainly be nice to think the season could be more competitive but I think this victory was down to a combination of: 1 - good upgrades for McLaren 2 - a track that played to McLaren's strengths (and masked it's weaknesses) 3 - Red Bull not quite dialling their car in. I'd imagine it's possible that we'll see a couple more races where this perfect storm creates some competition again, but I doubt we'll see him regularly competing with the Bulls. I'd me be more than happy to be proved wrong, though!
  5. The OP was very clear about two points: 1 - It is *illegal* businesses that they are targeting. (so to answer your first question, yes that would be fine so long as you are very clear on the 'blabla') 2 - That it is *all* foreigners that are being targeted, no mention was made specifically about the people in question being farang, and no reference was made to hygiene habits. (So to answer your second question, farang are allowed to make money, even if they don't wash)
  6. You make some good points. But try to avoid getting offended by what some people say.... You do yourself no favours wasting your time getting upset by other people's ignorance. The whole "I didn't try to change their mind" point in the OP is, honestly, ridiculous. If I correct a factual inaccuracy, I am almost certain not to be successful in educating the person who made it - and it is not my aim, anyway. I would however like the correct information to be available to anybody else who might be reading. The same is true with opinions.... If somebody offers up an opinion that I disagree with, I'll offer mine, and I'll point out any flaws I find with said person's opinion. Again, not to change the mind of the person who made the point in the first place; their mind is almost certainly made up. However, any readers who are undecided surely have the right to see both/all sides of a debate. The problem is when these disagreements descend into pages and pages of people going around in circles making the same argument over and over again. I do try my best to bow out before it gets to that stage, but I guess we're all only human....
  7. Do you have any evidence to back up your claim that "the majority is usually walking on the right side..."? Or are you just using this as a euphemism for "me and my mates"? The only logical way I could make a "rule" out of this, in absence of anything officially written down, is that you should be mimiking the way we drive on the road; which is the left-hand side. Personally, I tend to walk on whatever side suits me, or even straight down the middle sometimes. The variables that help me 'decide' (it's quite instinctive, really) include shade levels, oncoming foot-traffic and, of course, where I'm actually heading.
  8. If only there was some kind of network of shops that dispense medicines which could have taken on the task of distribution, as opposed to having all these separate weed shops pop up....
  9. I saw a post I didn't agree with and I didn't comment There's a difference between not agreeing and somebody just posting misinformation. Most of the times I see people called out (aside from where there are specific personal gripes between individual members) it is because somebody has posted information that is factually incorrect. As ASEAN now doesn't have any in-built fact checking, users are of course going to want to prevent such false information being spread. I still like the person Still like who? This is a web forum. I don't think most of us are forging deep personal bonds on here. Perhaps 'I still respect the person' would be better? I didn't comment and I just kept scrolling on... have the new owners approved this policy?? More should practice this A bit preechy.
  10. Indeed. Quite why a study is needed to understand the fact that escapisms are used the most by the people with the <deleted>test lives, and the least prospect of any kind of future, is beyond me...
  11. They'll blame who they're told to blame. They blamed the EU when the government told them to, now they'll blame the ECHR. Never mind the fact that the way asylum seekers are handled is mandated under our UN obligations... That's not how scapegoating works. I wouldn't worry too much; by the time the election in finally called, the government's supporters will be nothing other than a statistical insignificance, anyway.
  12. No... We were specifically discussed the bus. However, just for you... The only traffic you will encounter on the journey in a taxi would be: 1 - from your door to the highway 2 - from the highway to your destination If you get the train, it's pretty much the same: 1 - From your door to the train station 2 - From the airport to your destination If you just prefer the bus or train, that's fine. We all have preferences. But there is no way that you're avoiding traffic by using either method.
  13. There's no mention of farangs in the artical as far as I scanned it. I'd imagine the foreigners that are being identified are from neighbouring countries with large weed production networks. (edit... Highlighted the difference in two words which some members are apparently having difficulty differentiating even when pointed out to them)
  14. Step 1 - Arrest a few foreigners, call it a crackdown, and get some big media attention. Step 2 - Announce an investigation into the results of the crackdown showing that everything is now fine and there is no illegal cannabis in Thailand now. Step 3 - Announce that, as the foreign threat has been subdued, there's now no reason to alter the existing bill.
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