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  1. The rationale behind wearing masks is to stop you spreading infection, rather than being infected. Since every tourist entering the country has already been tested/quarantined etc, maybe multiple times, they will not be an infection source. That could be their attitude.I appreciate they may be infected whilst here, and should wear masks. I wear one to ensure I have a quiet life and don’t get any more disapproving looks than I already suffer.
  2. No more medical rationale to this decision than there was with the original restriction. Obviously business owners applying pressure as they watch their profit margins disappear down the plug hole.
  3. If Thai people are such devout Buddhists and opposed to the seamier side of life, who are all the customers of the short time hotels, karaoke bars, soapy massage parlours, go go bars etc etc? There are many more of these than can be supported by tourists or foreigner business and they can be found in every town in Thailand, not just tourist areas.
  4. No mention of any fines for riders/parents, or payments made to return the motorcycles to their owners. Hitting offenders in their pockets and permanently removing their means to race are the only options if nowhere is provided for them to race legally.
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