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  1. 9 months ago I received my 800k 1 year retirement extension at CW with my bank letter and bank passbook dated/updated the previous day, likewise the year before.
  2. After receiving my second jab the hospital provided me with a signed, stamped certificate in Thai and English containing full details of my passport and Thai ID, the date of my injections, my 13 digit reference number and QR code. What more do I need ?
  3. One baby aspirin per day for over 40 years. Age 80, health good (so far).
  4. Clearly you must decline, but do so in as friendly a way as possible. A situation like this in Thailand can become very nasty very quickly.
  5. Very sorry for your loss and may your much loved wife rest in peace. Keep going, and remember the good times.
  6. Thanks for the unpleasant insult. I'm 80, lived here permanently since 1980, with a 5 year break in Taiwan 1987-1993. Very happy in Thailand, and still have my hair and my teeth although a bit slower these days walking upstairs.
  7. Get a non-O visa based on marriage. Welcome back. Life is still good in Thailand.
  8. My father told me not to come to him with my problems, and to deal with them myself. Best advice anyone ever gave me.
  9. The hospital at which I had my 2 AZ jabs said, requesting confidentiality, that they will contact me after 6 months to arrange a booster.
  10. Wake up. Your own heading said 'Who needs foreign tourists ? ' . Maybe you've forgotten. Anyway, the answer is Thailand needs foreign tourists.
  11. Lithium and Cobalt are horribly difficult to mine, and their reserves are finite. Batteries have a short life and are then scrapped. EVs are a waste of time, money and resources. Hydrogen makes more sense but is difficult to extract from it's source, ie gas. The internal combustion engine is not going to be easy to replace.
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