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  1. The original Queen's Castle on Patpong 1. Great service, fantastic girls. Nominated by Time Magazine as the best bar anytime, anywhere.
  2. Message to the USA- you are gradually losing your long friendship with Thailand. The Chinese are taking over. Wake up.
  3. So what ? If you can't grow up and wear it properly don't go out.
  4. The CCP govt is a disgrace, every bit as bad as Gen. Douglas MacArthur forecast it would be many years ago. Personally I try to avoid, as much as is possible, buying anything made in China.
  5. Your friend is entirely correct. Many years ago the Departmenf of Mineral Resources (the DMR) began to dismiss it's foreign operators and consultants. The industry has never recovered.
  6. The chinese govt is already dictatlng policy to the current Thai govt. Very sad to see.
  7. Grim news for many of the not so well-off. Thai govt/ruling class couldn't care less, and never did.
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