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  1. That's great. How long it takes for you to get the Thai Pass?
  2. Yes I'm currently in Macedonia.Macedonia forcefully changed the name to North Macedonia because of the politic issues. but that is another story. I'm aware that my country is not on the list of 63 low risk countries and my best option is the Sandbox, Phuket. Thank you for your concern,my friend.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that is optional.Now I can breathe much easier. Thanks a lot for your reply tjintx.Certainly I will share my experience.
  4. I'm afraid if I don't provide QR code,that I won't be able to proceed forward to the application
  5. Dear fellows , I have been vaccinated with Janssenbiotech 1 dose ,in Anchorage, AK. Now I'm back in my home country Macedonia. And I find out that I missing QR code to submit Thai Pass application. I do have vaccination card and vaccination records as document.How do I get the QR code.Any simular experience. Any advice most appreciate. Thank you in advance
  6. How do you transfer such money 800k in Thailand ? Please explain.
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