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  1. Yes Crossy have some point on this. Growatt is a midway solution.. First i was tempted to go cheaper but I very happy i paid a bit more and got growatt. I think prices now are mid 20k or so.. Pink
  2. I was looking into same type inverters and also looked into that size inverter but ended up with 2 x Growatt 5000 and very happy with the decision. Pink
  3. I need a way to fasten my pvc wire storage racks for the wires between inverters. breaking boxes etc. My wall is rock hard so i have give up drilling for the pvc racks. Any suggestions for gluing it? hotglue? superglue? silicone? Pink
  4. Researching W1209 Temperature relay controller with buzzer as alarm. So the controller power a buzzer at the set temp. Pink Pink
  5. Yes i have set JK BMS temp sensors on each breaker so it will stop charge/discharge if hot. I did see some limitation because of the parallel connection will still feed some power to the hot breaker. I will try find a stand alone sensor with alarm/warning if hot. Pink
  6. Need a year with all seasons to get the full experience on the current setup..but as for now i kind of wish i had got 320A batteries instead of 280 and also that i had added a few more panels. The last part is still easy to change. I was getting the best effect from the panels 6-7 months ago and lower effect when its the hottest season. 7kwh vs 6kwh now. Pink
  7. Im just able to get recharged ( 2 x 280A)from day to day now. Production around 40Kw/day. I really feel the difference in charge current when 2 aircon running most of the day. Some days Im not even fully charged up before sun down, but its like its just going around. Pink
  8. Its good to have solution who can save the electronic but in my case I was mainly thinking about safety for my family since i have my inverters and batteries inside home. Pink
  9. I was looking into this: DAYTECH SM12 9v claim 1 year battery life and DAYTECH SM06TA 3V lithium battery 17335. Claim 10 year battery life Pink
  10. Regarding danger of fire on solar/battery equipment: Any of you mounted smoke detectors to early detect any smoke? Pink?
  11. By electric bill use to be from 38 bath to 1xx bath a month. So i use 0 to 5 units per month from grid. Pink
  12. Hello This was taken care of asap as soon I discovered it.. Now also with temp monitor on each breaker. Pink
  13. Looks great. Congrats with your new panels and batteries. Pink
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