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  1. 555, for Madam it's her koi No.1 followed very closely by her plants. The fish have redundant water pumps and air pumps and I'm in trouble if I don't sort any issues in double-quick time. If the fish start floating rather than swimming ... If the pressure isn't too high I bet you could set something up with a vertical return pipe which didn't operate until the tank float closed. There are just soooooo, many ways to address this problem. Task A. Install a float valve at the tank.
  2. I'd go with the float valve and pressure tank / pressure switch at the pump. The problem will be that your pressure switch will be designed to switch 220V AC rather than the DC from your panels, it will certainly work, but how long will it last is the question (if it fries in short order then a relay, probably solid-state, will be needed, not rocket science). I'd switch the panel input to the controller rather than the pump itself (I'm assuming this is a batteryless system). Does the controller have any sort of on/off input which can be used with the pressure switch? By
  3. Here's the original Groundwire.pdf groundwire.pdf And the updated version Groundwire Mk2 book-Manual.pdf Assuming a 15/45 meter then 100m will need 35mm2 copper or 50mm2 aluminium (the Al is less likely to develop the wanderlust in the night and will likely be much cheaper). Singles on the poles simply because that's what they do and the cable is far cheaper.
  4. Agree ^^^, risky. What you might try would be to "rent" the car for the value of the installments and then complete the purchase when the loan is paid off. Probably a non-starter as the current "owner" probably needs the $$$ urgently, but if you don't ask ...
  5. Thanks, it's big and red, I don't see red on a Sunday morning And it does seem to be only African countries at least for now. Google Translate of the Thai for point 2:-
  6. Does anyone have a link to that actual text on the tp.consular site, it's early on a Sunday and I can't find it
  7. Been at the Yellow line OCC (Operation Control Centre) today. This is how monorails switch tracks, not a simple mechanism Station Staff Training Room (Station Sim. Room). They even have a complete ticket office for more realistic training.
  8. Our information is still July/August for both lines. I don't really think it would be possible in April unless they run a simple shuttle under manual control (the trains can be driven from on-board).
  9. Should be a lot quieter, rubber tyres running on a concrete beam, same sort of road noise as a regular bus (without the clattering diesel belching black smoke of course).
  10. Some nice photos of the Pink and Yellow Line from ASEAN Skyline https://www.facebook.com/ItsAseanSkylines
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