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  1. With no cash how to I buy the nice Thai policeman his "tea"?? Seriously, I'm >90% digital payments of various flavours, even the local Mom-n-Pop shop and food shed have PromptPay QR codes displayed. But I always carry enough cash for a tank of diesel, just in case.
  2. Yeah, even AmEx who were the stalwarts in the TC world no longer issue new ones.
  3. You do realise you are in a sub-forum here? The forum Home is here: https://aseannow.com/ There have been some adjustments to the layout recently which may have confused your bookmarks.
  4. You would need a hybrid inverter and batteries to provide UPS functionality.
  5. You could use a generator transfer switch and a timer for automatic money-saving. Would that then be an automatic switchover switch switch? Note that while safe if done correctly, switching between your supplies may not be 100% legal.
  6. 1. Possibly, 2. Probably not. But you would have to do the sums particularly the relative consumption between peak and off-peak times. BUT PEA have (or at least had) a policy whereby if you had an EV you could get a second meter (which could be TOU) so you could charge on cheap energy during the off-peak times, this definitely would save you $$$ because your normal consumption would remain on your existing meter. You should talk to your local PEA office to check what deals are available.
  7. When I was working in India our place in Delhi had 3-phase. By the TV were 3 outlets, one on each phase. Plug the TV into the "best" phase.
  8. At the sort of power levels we are talking about you just connect the inverter as if it was a regular appliance, you could even (temporarily) put a plug on it and plug it in to an outlet. Purely for testing of course Important Note: A domestic grid-tie inverter will not output anything unless it is connected to a live grid (island-protection) so even if you put a plug on it there's no danger of electric shock, unlike a generator which will happily kill you!
  9. @Bosscat Do you have any actual 3-phase appliances? You could consider using 3 x single-phase regulators like @carlyai suggests (not a single 3-phase one) to regulate your supply or maybe go for 3 x single-phase protectors and retain the 3-phase one for any 3-phase appliances.
  10. There are certainly solar power / solar assist A/Cs about, but they are not cheap and not very available here. Your best bet would be to install a grid-tie solar inverter which would offset daytime usage whether A/C or not. If you have an old type spinning-disc meter it would go backwards if you made excess power (not permitted of course) A 24kBTU unit will suck about 800W on average when down to temperature so adding a 1kW grid-tie solar inverter and 3 x 340W panels would get you in the right ball-park and not break the bank. Maybe go a bit larger and offset all your daytime consumption. Personally, I'd go for a mid-range grid-tie inverter of about 3kW (have a look at Sofar units) starting with 5 or 6 x 340W panels and see if the "free" energy bug bites. Are you going to DIY or use an installer??
  11. If you believe your contactor is faulty you should replace it with exactly the same type (all the numbers and letters specify coil voltage, contact form etc.). What does your contactor actually do in your system? If it's an under/over voltage protection there should be a controller too where you can set the trip voltage.
  12. In an EV you (or your dog) can sit in the cool for as long as you like without upsetting anyone with fumes
  13. It actually sounds like your pump pressure tank is getting waterlogged. If bleeding it fixes the issue for a while, then the only solution is a replacement tank, they're not expensive. Are you quite sure you have the correct technique for your pump, Google the pump type and "bleeding".
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