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  1. Meanwhile in the civilised universe these things are tax free or even just free.
  2. Will he quarantine with the rest of the plebs when he returns? Mask? Social distance?
  3. Sorry I wasn't clear, it's a Royal Mail service like EMS. Spain certainly has an equivalent.
  4. My parents sent me all my negs from the UK "International Signed For" (I'm sure Spain has an equivalent) described as "photographic negatives of no commercial value". Sailed through with no issues whatever.
  5. A couple of posts inferring a royal connection have been removed. We are not talking about Lord Voldemort here!
  6. Last paragraph of the OP:- As @Havenstreet1940 notes, the result of enquiring will, for many, be "Thai's first, go away"
  7. Not a deliberate misread, definitely a misread. That said with no mention of how many 60-75 have been done I would suggest it's a big-fat zero otherwise they'd be broadcasting it to the moon and back.
  8. Firstly please stop using the old abbreviation, it means something very different in the modern world and should be reserved for the old voltage operated units (which you probably won't find here), please call it an RCD (or RCBO if it has overload protection). Big names are Schneider (Square-D), Siemens, ABB and the commonly referred to "Safe-T-Cut" which is great if you want to add protection to an existing and already full distribution board. Lower cost brands Haco, BTIcino, Chang are also acceptable. If your existing units test ok why replace them? What b
  9. A whole seventy-three (73) jabs out of >600 registrations! We're all saved! It's a start, hopefully jabbing will accelerate faster than the virus!
  10. So did I and we usually shop on Saturday. Will get the beer this arvo just in case.
  11. Did they trip on the "Test" button? Most will only trip between 15 and 30mA, that hurts, a lot! But you probably won't die. The requirement for a "30mA" RCD is that is must NOT trip at 15mA and it MUST trip at 30mA. So if you get one that goes at 25mA and you only draw 20mA whilst dying it won't open. Hence the requirement that Class-1 appliances must still be earthed, the RCD is secondary protection.
  12. Yup, it's doing that for me too, I'll call tomorrow using my pink ID. It's certainly annoying, @Ohyesuare thanks for the heads-up, good job it didn't decide not to work when it was needed. I suspect that Rabbit Line Pay won't be far behind. And probably Lazada Wallet which has only relatively recently started working for foreigners.
  13. Actually Thailand does, it's just so often ignored and it's not retrospective. Once you have permanent meter the supply authorites don't give a fart unless they see the meter going backwards (so make sure they don't).
  14. Latest "Boss" thread is here Let's continue in that thread, this one is
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