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  1. Caution with the reopening. Buddy of mine and I were in Patong on Bangla, about 10 days ago getting close to closing time, when he went off with one of those stunners you see in the middle of the street. He showed up about 60min later missing his shirt with a harrowing tail. He told her a price for boom boom which she agreed to, took him to a nice car, opened the driver side and asked for the money, he said no, not until after boom boom. She takes him to her room several floors up, she immediately asks for the money only a bit more aggressively after he had removed his shirt. He says no,
  2. Yup, We were in Fort Collins. Still have the house and may be back living in it in about 3 - 4 years. Have about another 1.5 yrs here in Chiang Mai, then about 2yrs in CA and then...?
  3. We lived in CO for 9 years before coming to Thailand, walking out in 0C in my bathrobe to pick up the newspaper. Bring it on!!!!!
  4. Was going to book a Jan 11th flight to the US a couple of days ago, maybe I'll wait about another 1.5 weeks and see what comes out. Double vaxxed Pfizer with paid Moderna waiting in the wings.
  5. Ya got me, I hate it when Otto Korect starts drinking!
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