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  1. Normal? For holidaymakers or anyone who wants to travel freely around Thailand and the region, my guess is that they will need a vaccine passport at least. Any small business will need 2 things; firstly capital to restart and secondly a customer base big enough to open for . A lot of foreigners had small businesses pubs bars etc and although they may run 9n expats for a while, they are going to need tourists to return in big numbers to make it worthwhile. Others may have lost their jobs in tourism and will need to find new employers or re-employers. Teachers
  2. Basically Thailand suffered from a variant of King Canute syndrome....they just couldn't in the end, stem the tide. No vaccines, not safe. Not safe till we're all safe.
  3. Without 50 million tourists the entire Thai economy will be different. Many businesses simply wont have customers ... and like any other industries there will be many satire I dustries that will struggle. I would think that unless the government funds post Covid recovery there will be lean times ahead for several years
  4. Although many in the foreign community are retirees with a fixed external income, there are many who started businesses in Thailand. How many of these people have shut up shop and how many have had to return home? Did any get government assistance? Anyone had personal experience of this?
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