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  1. Have a safe trip. Are you guys quoting round trip airline prices? Or one way? How is long haul international flight costs compared to pre covid? I don't plan to travel but my little paper I got with my JJ jab is so simple I don't think it will qualify as a passport. I haven't read how to get an official vax passport. Hmm. One last concern. Here in Utah the latest stats are 25% of positive tests ( now running 15% +) are fully vaxed people. And no sinovac here. Yes deaths and hospitalizations are factor of 10 less. Winter cold hitting early this year so it w
  2. Double vaxed! This implies all JJ people can't come. Not that many got JJ but still words matter.
  3. Nothing but a distraction for the people in financial pain. I can't believe the fees these stars are demanding. It a major travesty of the World.
  4. Why so much talk before action. Why so much of the government ideas have a thick accent of greed and not a welcoming for all tone? How could any rich person be attracted to such a mixed up country with no real direction. Money only safe in the bank at 1 million if that. Air quality and visibility so bad in so much of the country for years and zero real measures taken so far. Pesticide measurements so high in much of the food supply. Everywhere uses the cheapest palm oil. MSG so common. Just look at the elite visa holders who couldn't get back in Thailand during covid or now
  5. Shows a few things. The willingness for average Thai's to participate in underground things. The gambling problem.
  6. Wasn't the limit before shutting down the sandbox 90 in a week but over 100 each day and theyare using phuket as an example of success? Thai math and logic vs greed
  7. Phuket example. Make all these rules about number of weekly infections in the sandbox before shutting it down then exceed that by 3-4-5 times and no shutdown. Small fish stating that the sandbox didn't help their financial situation. So this is really driven by the big boys. Currently Thailand isn't open normally for regular local tourists. No alcohol or nightlife. Parties getting busted every night. Can people travel freely to phuket? How is that big market outbreak going in CM? These are the things I read about. Seems like the first step should be to open up everything,
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