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  1. Why so much talk before action. Why so much of the government ideas have a thick accent of greed and not a welcoming for all tone? How could any rich person be attracted to such a mixed up country with no real direction. Money only safe in the bank at 1 million if that. Air quality and visibility so bad in so much of the country for years and zero real measures taken so far. Pesticide measurements so high in much of the food supply. Everywhere uses the cheapest palm oil. MSG so common. Just look at the elite visa holders who couldn't get back in Thailand during covid or now
  2. Shows a few things. The willingness for average Thai's to participate in underground things. The gambling problem.
  3. Wasn't the limit before shutting down the sandbox 90 in a week but over 100 each day and theyare using phuket as an example of success? Thai math and logic vs greed
  4. Phuket example. Make all these rules about number of weekly infections in the sandbox before shutting it down then exceed that by 3-4-5 times and no shutdown. Small fish stating that the sandbox didn't help their financial situation. So this is really driven by the big boys. Currently Thailand isn't open normally for regular local tourists. No alcohol or nightlife. Parties getting busted every night. Can people travel freely to phuket? How is that big market outbreak going in CM? These are the things I read about. Seems like the first step should be to open up everything,
  5. I think the most interesting thing mentioned in this op. is that the PM is admitting Thailand is hurting and cannot go through another High season closed. we've seen the dismal govt support for the working class. the invisible workers were shined even though they are more of a financial driver and who attract many visitors, even families and many couples can be seen walking down the seedy streets each evening and how many legitimate jobs does this support? they can't admit this because the p word doesn't exist. It's a chicken or egg first thing. Who enjoys an empty, restaurant,bar
  6. Bunch of BS in OP. However you don't just go from almost nill to full open the same tourist country as before just because the PM says it's open again. Maybe higher wages will be needed. It will require Training sessions, uniforms, etc. Shop and restaurant owners keep hearing govt wants to attract less but more wealthy. Who knows what they will spend money on or eat or walk.
  7. I have to say i never attended a drug party like this. But I have read many of these drugs opens the sexual mind. Drugs all over the floor, wonder how many condoms were found in purses and pockets. Was that a published invitation to this party? Just think how many hidden parties there are. Kuddos for locking them all up for 14 days. Hope it was all without exception. No matter if they had connections or money.
  8. I only read the first page I'm not going to read the rest. The first step in problem solving is to identify the problems, so complaining is really the beginning of correcting things and making things better. Not that foreigners can have any effect at all on Thailand. however One example is Bill Gates condemnation of all the wires I think it has had an effect. complaining and being happy, or not, are separate things. these past 20 months have resulted in many people taking a deeper look at ones situation internally and externally. People all around the world have realized having a
  9. Seems like he is saying this to express his associations approval for this new government idea and this keep putting pressure on them to continue to finalize these ideas. But I don't think any idea like this will not bring in even a small fraction of 1 million who will buy 10 million condos. And 90% will be Chinese.
  10. Good read but I really have issues with no comma in the 2nd paragraph. I'm usually the last to be a grammar geek but it didn't read right to this American who hated English class.
  11. Mining for raw materials for batteries, solar cells, etc. Right now EV carbon footprint is huge and maybe equal to keeping an older car on the road. Local air is better. I do hope we can solve this. Some miracle to get solar efficiency to to 80% from 20. Some magic battery tech.
  12. How is this going to help the average Thai country bumpkin? fewer tourists mean fewer restaurants and fewer bars can be supported even if all of these people went out every night which they will not because like many people said they will stay at their fancy hotel most of the time. they will take private tours. first time a taxi says no there will be hell to pay on social media.
  13. Yes we don't want only fans or online porn to compete with our business model when our bars reopen. I've read some women on OF make 7 digits. I bet some top bargirls won't be returning to the bars. And possibly this innovative trend forced on by covid lockdowns has and will result in many of the top recruits bypassing the middleman and this scares RTP brown bag people and bar owners. Ive heard Thailand blocks many porn sites. Soon they will be banning all the Thailand IG gals, air hostesses from that red company, and ex beauty contestants from posting sexy dances in sexy clothes or
  14. Can't believe you old Sherlock's haven't mentioned drugs or immagration status? Some of the facts . Some say swiss guy may have a small pension with no COLAs? Does he have the 400,000 banked or more? Is his monthly the minimum required? Did architect have military or medical training? He must be able to plan and visualize th8ngs. Sounds like wife was allowed some free time drinking. That's expensive. Swiss hubby and his lifetime income string probably looks pretty good to most of Thailand farmers daughters. Maybe it was a deep true love bond? Someone reported she was heavy drinke
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