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  1. Dear Folks, I do not like tats on ladies. Where I grew up, tats were considered to be nothing but downright GAUCHE! But, these days, it seems that almost everyone and everybody is hell-bent on covering themselves with multicolored ink, and ink that is not easily washed off. This is not a new fad, of course. But then.... When will it ever stop? I would never date a woman with tats, just because I would not know whether to read her or bed her. When I first read Moby Dick, I could not imagine that a harpooner would choose to cover himself with ink. And yet, today, so many stylish women (not really stylish, of course, nor educated, either), seem to be competing for attention with Mr. Queequeg. I find it unnerving when I see a woman attend a formal function, only to show her back, completely covered in illustrations, sort of looking like the posters we might have expected to see, years ago, in San Francisco, in Haight-Ashbury. What is the world coming to, these days, anyway? Have they no common sense? Don't they care about their skin, these women? And what happened to the good old days when women would pay much money to buy ....skin creams....such as Chanel, and other brands? All that I have to say is that I am truly disgusted at this sight, and also the typical uncaring, present today, for one's own precious skin, not to mention.... A bit of DECENCY, too! So then, what is your opinion? Has the pendulum now swung far too far for proper decorum? One of the scariest movies for me, when I was young, was the great Steiger film, The Illustrated Man..... And, now, this nightmare seems to be haunting me....every time....I venture outside my house.... With every woman and her sister, not to mention their menfolks, covered from head to toe in INK! Will this never end? I mean, I know that it will end....and I know this will not end well, for these NITWITS who take sadistic pleasure in .... Disfiguring themselves. What are you thoughts, Folks? Thanks and Regards, Gamma G.
  2. This was not a serious suggestion, obviouly. But, use your own judgement. It's just that some people on this Forum doubt the veracity of my comments. I am not here to prove every single little statement made by me. Believe or not believe, and this is ups to you. I have switched all my computers to openSUSE, and I am loving it.
  3. Sorry. I meant to say that I have 15 TBytes of space on Google Drive. 14 TBytes on SSDs and HDDs. Still, not enough storage for me, of course.
  4. I have 15 TBytes on Google Drive. I have 1 TByte of space on SSDs and HDDs. Still not even enough to save my posts on TV, as you say.
  5. I am not a bit confused, for one. I suggest that you do not bother or disturb the Global Mods over such triviality. I am not confused; I will state once more.
  6. Unambiguous to you, maybe.... However, your question can be interpreted in many ways....by me, obviously.
  7. I am a product of Pennsylvania, after all..... In Pennsylvania, I am considered to be quite normal.
  8. Excrement is good, in fact. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. We say blessings, upon excretion. I still follow this practice, today. And, so far..... I have never needed a laxative.... Knock on Wood.
  9. If so...then... Please keep your distance from me. No need for me to see juices flowing in some Rock of Ages old guy.
  10. Such a Burden.... The White Man, I mean.... Or, was it the White Man's Burden, that the White Man has been lusting after? Such a load, the White Man's Burden. Kipling is very FAMOUS/INFAMOUS.... In Singapore, these days!
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