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  1. Rather than some sort of arbitrary financial hurdle, why not just base entry to Thailand on IQ? For example, before one steps off the plane in BKK, one should be able to prove the Pythagorean theorem, or various other proofs.
  2. I have met foreigners in Thailand who believe the World is flat. Two foreigners I met in Thailand believed that one or another government was injecting tracking devices into their arms. Some foreigners believe in UFOs from Pleiades. Yet, they know very little about the Dark Side of the Moon.
  3. Sorry. But, if I might be so bold, I think that it does matter. It matters from a point of perspective. 64 years in Asia...Matters. If you think this does not matter, then I beg to disagree. For various good reasons. Sorry. For example: Asia is important. Secondly: It has taken me 50 years to truly understand the Asian mind.
  4. The number of years one has lived in Asia has nothing to do with one's love of Asia. You might live in Asia for a hundred years, and never get it, nor love it. Or, you might touch down in Asia, for only a minute, and fall in love. Get it? Got it?
  5. EE: I am in love. ((SAME as many of you, one might dare say. You know you are in love. I am COMPLETELY in love.))
  6. One thing you might not realize is that some Asian women prefer blue eyes. Several Asian women have told me that I have eyes like a Siberian Husky. In rare cases, Asian women prefer men with blue eyes. Maybe this is the same with you.
  7. Strangely enough, this preference is actually, occasionally, true, and some Thai women prefer to hang with men from foreign lands. The question is, why. AA. Is it because you are more handsome? BB. Is it because you are more romantic? CC. Is it because you are perceived as being more exotic? Erotic? What is the reason? Why do you think Thai women love you so much? Are you more caring? Do you think you enjoy pillow talk more than most? All women love pillow talk, for example. There is no simpl
  8. Why is Spam so expensive in Thailand? Spam seems to be considered a luxury import item in many countries. Yet, the cost of Spam is not high.
  9. I love Spam with my omelette. Here, you can learn more about Spam. Spam first arrived here soon after WW2. This is America's greatest contribution to good living here, in SE Asia and the South Pacific region.
  10. Tunisian Omelette Touch. Love Women!!! Such a very beautiful sound to her voice! Same as your GFs in Thailand...
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