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  1. Big performance against Spurs to show the team are with him or out I reckon
  2. Yep fair point. My point 3 weeks ago was more that you could see how this was going and it was obvious changes were needed. Then they give Phelan a new contract as well. I think it was about this same time. I think the players are hiding behind the situation. There is absolutely no excuse for the performances of the likes of Shaw, Maguire and Fernandes. They were awful. Lacked desire, positional sense, effort and fewest tackles by a team in the Premiership this season? …and Maguire is supposed to be your leader. To come on and say they all have to look at themse
  3. Hate to say I told you so, but posted 3 weeks ago and now the embarrassment has happened.
  4. The only really reliable measure imo is the death rates which are clearly falling sharply. The PCR is the more reliable test hence included in the Official numbers which most people go by. The infection rates as you say are hit and miss and the numbers can be played with to score political points depending on which side of the fence you wish to sit.
  5. Even top 4. I was as against Moyes coming to us as anyone but what he has done for us over the last season and this one so far is beyond doubt. On a tight budget and no real superstars (I dont include Rice as a superstar) he has galvanised something United are in desperate need of. Had he been given a 400 million budget and more time what could he have done for you?
  6. France is a dreadful country, I had more issues with police and security guards in 3 days than I have had in 15 years in Thailand. Ever thought of starting a diary. ?
  7. Early indications are it’s nothing more to worry about. Early indications are it’s potentially no more harmful than exiting variations and dealt with by the vaccines: https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/delta-plus-variant/ Been in the UK since April and they are now fully opened up and latest prediction are that numbers may plummet soon: Covid: Are cases about to plummet without Plan B? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59039739 But you stay on your couch for a few more months if it makes you feel safer.
  8. Meanwhile back in the UK, fully open, and latest government study showing encouraging signs. Covid: Are cases about to plummet without Plan B? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59039739
  9. Good to see another large decline in the official number of new infections with number of recoveries continuing to exceed new cases. Deaths up on yesterday (assuming it’s 66 as in the headline and not 6 as in the text of the OP). Latest data from the worldometer ranking table for deaths/million of population over the past 7 days shows Thailand dropping to 70th in the world, 21 places below the UK. Same table shows Thailand fall one place to 14th in Asia, 5 places below the Philippines and 3 places above Vietnam. The number of deaths over the past we
  10. Did they not know that 3 weeks ago when they gave him a new contract until 2024?
  11. Let’s hope they keep Olly the Wally a bit longer. Let’s face it, they are more than capable of beating Spuds this weekend and the he can kid everyone again “how close” they are and how far they have come with those 400 million investments ……rinse and repeat.
  12. Not sure what you have read but the jury is the government and their view is currently all that matters, and this is what the Health Minister, someone who may know, is currently saying: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-uk-news-live-lockdown-cases-b1944600.html Yes concerns, but doesn’t appear to be as many as you are implying that you have “heard” Of course things could change rapidly, maybe even for the better, you never know.
  13. The parents of these children in the countries such as the UK are mostly fully vaccinated so the increase In Infection rates is not causing a big enough increase yet in hospitalisations/deaths to cause any real concern. Yesterday for example 40,000 new infections, a rise of 68 in hospitals and 72 deaths. Hardly cause for concern. considering everything is back to normal and face coverings are not required to be worn, hence why the UK Government is predicting a “normal Xmas” without having to bring on further restrictions and just getting on with it. Maybe the government are using
  14. It’s what I’ve been saying for ages. When you look at his performance last week against Leicester too, they must have been rubbing their hands at 80 million and chuckling away at how how they managed to pull it off. The only pace he’s ever showed was legging it from the Police in Mykonos (allegedly) and even then he got caught because he had to turn a corner. Shaws not far behind either. They both highlighted how slow and pedestrian they are against any side with pace. Anyhow doesn’t detract from another good performance despite their desperate tactics and confirmation that
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