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  1. As a general rule , stocks that pay a very high dividend are a poor overall investment - they are , in effect , liquidating themselves to pay the dividend . Maybe a much simpler way would be a global tracker , just sell 4 % every year .
  2. Definitely more research needed - I`ll check out IB and Etrade . I would rather have it in daughters name to mitigate IHT . Thanks for all the replies . Sorry about the mis-spelling in the title - my carelesnes .
  3. She might be classed as a minor ( under 18 ) . Would this be a problem for opening an account ? I was hoping to invest in a low cost world ETF , they seem to be the best option . I had the idea that using one of the big banks might be safer than a smaller broker .
  4. Last time I flew ( seems ages ago now ) I had a return flight booked giving me almost 90 days , and a SETV . They asked me about this and I explained it was easy to extend the stay by another 30 days . They accepted this and everything was ok . If I do the same thing this year , I might print out a copy of the visa information page , showing what is possible , just in case they decide to be awkward at check-in .
  5. Hi , i`m thinking of giving some cash to my daughter ( Thai ) to invest in shares , funds etc. both Thai and international . Can this be done via one of the Thai banks , and if so ,which one is the best . Also , WRT shares , ETFs etc , would it be easy to buy London listed things , and how would the income be taxed ? Many thanks for any replies .
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