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  1. IMO tourists want to enjoy a night out. They work and a holiday is a time to relax, enjoy yourself without worrying about being in the office etc at 9am the next morning. Western culture is to go out and have a few drinks, alcoholic drinks, when on holiday wether it be with a meal or to a pub or bar. If the Muppets don't understand this, it will be tough on all the people that earned a living in those businesses.
  2. Clearly, when they get the chance to look into all the requirements and paperwork and fees etc it will drop out of the rankings.
  3. As most of those involved in guarding the border, profit from the entry of migrants there will be a token response from the corrupt Muppets. More hot air from Too.
  4. Because nearly everyone has stopped wearing a mask the most basic precaution, idiots.
  5. I received my vaccination certificate immediately after my second jab and it was free. So it probably varies from region to region or hospital to hospital as per the norm here.
  6. More no joined up thinking from the mumbo jumbo Muppets. You can have gatherings in the tens of people or more but as long as it's not in a bar. Waste of time in attracting tourist numbers in any meaningful quantity without night life.
  7. That's another date from him in a long list of failed predictions.
  8. A pilot less reopening, typical mumbo from the Muppets. No nightlife, no tourists unless of course you're a teetotaler. A niche market at the best.
  9. Luckily no issues after either jab.
  10. People are just happy to be out and about and won't report a thing while doing their shopping.
  11. If that's the average, I'm a buffalo. Unless of course there are several people earning hundreds of millions, aka Joe Ferrari, to offset the 4 figure amounts most Isaan people earn.
  12. You should get a 'Thailand national certificate of covid-19 vaccination' detailing the 2 vaccinations with your name, address, Thai ID number or passport number and date of birth.
  13. Clearly she is quilty as she has fled the scene aided and abetted by her family.
  14. Yet again a contradictary statement to match the others issued, you really do need a shaman to interpret what amount of hoops you need get through and the requirements of each hoop. Best of luck to those who are wanting to figure it all out.
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