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  1. A lot of places seem to be "testing the waters" to see what they can get for December & January bookings. If they come-up dry, look for prices to drop again mid-December.
  2. There is easy direct access to Treetown from 2nd Rd. so many options in your price range including short term rentals in several nearby condos (Base, View Talay) with no Chinese hoards to spoil the party. Just check Agoda or Booking.com. Sutus Ct. has very standard, old style rooms with old furnishings but the location is great and the pool decent. "Cheap Charlies" next door for basic breakfast, "Irish Rovers" on LK Metro for large serving. "Acera Lodge" is currently discounting and has nice facilities and an excellent location but make sure not to be stuck into the
  3. 555 So funny. When I moved into the rental condo I previously described one problem became immediately evident: the kitchen sink wouldn't drain. OK, easy fix. Plunger didn't work nor did whatever was done by the two crews over two days sent by juristic office. No success as well for a crew with a power snake; said they kept hitting a wall. (This is when the new owner showed-up which enraged the agent who had lied to him about the rent I was paying; but that's another story for another day.) When about a gallon of acid also failed to do anything but f
  4. In the condo I rent in Jomtien, the owner has to get all sorts of permissions to do any kind of work in the unit, whether structural, electrical or plumbing. Also, the work can only be done by contractors approved by the condo association and have credentials on file at the Juristic office. Since the unit is a rental and not his residence, he can do no work himself. He has to arrange for notices to be posted in lobby areas of scheduled work at least 5 days before the work starts. Work cannot begin before 10AM and not past 4PM. Deliveries of building materials must be scheduled and onl
  5. Check here: https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.search.1.77bf3eb1ZOvK6r&q=sim card unlimited&_keyori=ss&clickTrackInfo=textId--9079441490787216462__abId--214264__pvid--dd34febd-7508-4b65-b16b-d0a921a941d3__matchType--1__srcQuery--sim card unlimited__spellQuery--sim card unlimited&from=suggest_normal&sugg=sim card unlimited_0_1
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