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  1. Unfortunately the lawyer I dealt with has recently passed away and his firm no longer has a specific immigration section. If I was in your shoes I would familiarize myself with exactly what's needed.There's a lot of info (to much really) on this forum's Camerata thread.Arkady is the moderator with expertise, far more than me.This will give you a clear idea whether you meet the criteria or not.Salary, tax paid and at least 3 year correct visa status are the main points.If you do, then consider initially doing it yourself or through delegation of the work to someone in your office, p
  2. Not quite; there are are number of different views from well qualified people.It very much depends on the circumstances of the applicant.You incidentally make a very good observation, often overlooked, that if you meet the criteria for PR you will almost certainly obtain it. The first thing to note is that PR can absolutely be obtained without the support of an agent or legal firm. I know several such people - the common factor is that they had a good knowledge of the Thai language.Furthermore many of the legal firms touting for business with foreigners are in fact to be avoided li
  3. Sorry - probably a silly question. In what form does the vendor - eg your vet - produce a QR code containing the necessary payment information?
  4. I was reading on Twitter that many outlets in Thailand increasingly only accept cashless payments. But what are the best ways of making cashless payments in Thailand? Apple Pay isn't available and though Samsung Pay is sometimes possible, I cant use it on my iPhone. So what's left? I don't like using credit cards for small payments. Paying by debit card to my Thai bank account is fine.But I suspect I'm missing some other ways of cashless payment.Any thoughts?
  5. Yes but it is the policy of the UK government that determines action by the airlines on this issue.At the moment Chinese and Russian vaccines are not recognised by the UK.If or when that UK government policy changes, the position of the airlines will change accordingly.
  6. My understanding is that various private sector Bangkok hospitals are accepting payment now for Moderna vaccinations to be administered in first and second quarter of 2022.That fit's in well with your time scale estimate (or at least it does for those of us who have had our second shot in the last few weeks) I'm guessing that a third booster shot will in practice be difficult to arrange for foreigners though the government run programme, at least initially.Therefore those of us wanting the third booster will be considering using the private sector I note that authoritative Western
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