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  1. I never even though about my licences, 55. Cheers.
  2. Hi I've recently moved house. I'm guessing I have to inform the vehicle licensing department of my new address? I bought the bike new and have a green book. What's the process please?
  3. I was trying to comply with the letter of the law as I understood it, but as with so many things immigration related, it changes depending on where you are, phase of the moon etc.
  4. Yes, I'll have to next time if I don't find another bank, but I was under the impression it had to be a statement dated up to the day I went to immigration. I updated my bank book at the same time and was told they needed to match.
  5. Yes, I used to do the same. It only took them 5 min. I'll still check out other banks and move if the others can do it on the day. No need to take 3-5 days for this. It's quiet as far as foreigners go here anyway now. (Hua Hin)
  6. Well, I thought it dad to be 12 months, but I might try going there today then with just my bank book. I guess that way I'll find out if the rest of the info is correct for when I actually get the statement, if they want to see it. I've recently moved and have only done 1 90 day check at new IO
  7. Hi My retirement extension is due in 6 days now. I was going to do it yesterday but Bangkok bank now takes 3-5 days to produce the statement that took them about 5 minuets to produce last year. If they take the full 5 days, it won't give me much leeway for any problems. I guess I don't have any options this time, but can anyone tell me if they (the banks) have all changed to do this, of is there another bank I can move my money to so I won't have this problem again next year? If Bangkok bank don't want my money I'm sure there are others that do. Also, I was told the stateme
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