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  1. Using Chrome with With windows 10. Clicking the motorcycle sub forum bikes for sale automatically closes the drop down menu and populates the select forum. Clicking the motorcycle parent heading , does nothing, (even though topics exist in this forum). However if the drop down menu is forced closed by clicking on the select forum window , the motorcycle forum is selected and new topics can be created.
  2. This issue arises in any forum that has child sub forums and topics in the parent forum. Example , using the drop down menu navigate to the home forum, where 3 sub forums are displayed. While it is possible to start a new topic in any of the sub forums .It is not possible to post a new topic in the actual home forum. The work around advised is to browse to the forum and start topic there.
  3. Commercial and Civil code formation of contract only requires notice of acceptance. It makes no mention of signatures. In the case of business contracts the requirements are more onerous
  4. The law generally does not require contracts to be signed. Only that the offer is given with intent and acceptance with consent.
  5. Yes . Showing up would be considered as implied acceptance. However the terms then would be dependent upon the conduct of both parties as no formal acceptance has occurred.
  6. Some jurisdictions will class Pensions as unearned income or passive income
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