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  1. Really important if its November 1st Can wait till then but if its later Nov then its ASQ Really wish they would be specific
  2. I am waiting for pre approval confirmation for c of e . What happens when approved, i see no links to enter flight and other asq information, Any advice how and where this is done on the thai embassy website?
  3. I accept paying insurance even though Fully vaccinated But the cost of 14 days ASQ Madness when is this going to end?
  4. So I about to send 20 UK pounds and I get message the cost is 83p to send Seriously how is Wise the best I saw .51% fee on a previous entering on a larger amount
  5. I get email from wise customer service telling me I cannot transfer Uk pounds to Thai bank . its madness why do they say this
  6. I have had email contact with Wise and they keep telling me I cannot transfer Uk sterling to Thai bank only Thai baht.. Its madness
  7. Are there any meetings this week and announcements about October and the possible opening of to vaccinated visitors without ASQ ?
  8. ok but the 0.5% fee. on 44200 Pounds 225 Uk pounds, ? I spoke to nationwide bank and they told me have to pay a CHAPS fee to transfer a large sum to another bank . Assuming wise is a bank
  9. I looked at the wise rates for thailand from UK sterling at about 45.5 Baht to pound which is better than some Banks but the transfer fee is over 200 pounds (.51%) . My bank is Bangkok bank to recieve Uk sterling and nationwide Bank in Uk to send, its only 20 pounds . I want to send the maximum 2,000,000 baht but not sure to use Wise or Swift bank transfer . Any suggestions Thanks
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