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  1. Probably the same as your 1st class but my insurer calls it 5 star, but you have to have cameras front and rear and down the sides
  2. Dash cam front and rear+ 5 star insurance is a minimum here, I’ve been tail ended twice in 6 years and many say I am doing good, but I could have fetched 50 off there motorbikes had i not been looking for the unthinkable to happen. 5 star, ring the insurers from the scene and say and do nothing they sort it all.
  3. The threat is from within, given a choice of having an evening meal with 10 unknown tourists or 10 unknown Thai’s I would take the former.
  4. I’m not much use at crosswords, just thought you would all like to know.
  5. Need to find out who the importer of all the A4 reams of paper is that may give a clue to why so many
  6. He didn’t know if tourists will have to spend 1 night in there arrival city, well I suggest he starts to find out, what is the point of a test if you don’t wait for the result, best get out of the way and let a kindergarten child sort it out
  7. I was at a job interview and a quick pee was needed got the old chap caught by the foreskin, i laugh now and love telling the story in Pattaya or Cowboy and then play acting a bit.
  8. The girls can come as tourists and “hole” up in a hotel for a week and sell there wares.
  9. I get a feeling they will both be unable to attend due to being busy on that day, sorry.
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