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  1. Hopefully they'll be mRNA booster shots available soon.
  2. "thousands of sub-standard, cheap online goods seized" Any facemasks?
  3. Going there next week. Friend said they've had lots of rain also. I hope it warms up a little bit more.
  4. I was in Terminal 21 Khon Kaen. Really dead. Some shops were shutting the metal doors around 8:00 pm, no footraffic let alone business. What a great Mall! Amazing and the hotel, Center point is excellent!
  5. Looking October 30th. Your totally right. December 3rd and burnt out trying to convince antivaxers to vaccinate. Now its getting harder to do much without vaccines thankfully.
  6. "No Omicron Cases In Thailand" Not for long. Things are to loosey goosey here like their masks.
  7. Some masks you can tell the horrible quality. Its got the "Made in Thailand" feel to it.
  8. I took a picture. I took my wife to speak Thai. There was no tests or anything, pretty much in and out. Paid a few baht, I think 100. Then got my new 5 (6) year liscense. This is in Salon Nakhon.
  9. You have to take it to an independent mechanic. Preferably the actual dealership that sells the car. Toyota,Nissan, Mazda,etc. It'll cost more but its a lot cheaper than a big repair. Brother in-law bought a nice 2 door Toyota pickup for 400,000 baht. Its still running after two years and looks great. I'd aim for Toyota or Honda, Totally reliable and cheaper to repair in any place if you happen to break down. Avoid Bentleys and Rolls Royce. Hard to find parts.
  10. Very distressing. Vile people. Upsetting. Thankfully that nieghbor stepped up to help.
  11. Same thing in Khon Kaenit takes a week after giving your paperwork, passport copies, and the certification you get after your second dose. Also the vaccines cant be less than two weeks before the second dose and no longer than 6 months from your last vaccine.
  12. What vaccines are you inserting? Some vaccines used in Thailand aren't excepted. Mix and match isnt excepted anywhere. Just a thought.
  13. Check there Facebook page. We usually stay there. Its been just remodeled. Spectacular views and probably the best hotel on the Eastern seaboard. Any buffet I've been to there is has been spectacular. I would book now and ask for a seat inside in case there's rain. Lamb,oysters,sushi, thai food,etc. Rooms are pretty cheap right now too. They usually have a free flow wine, beer, champagne for extra.
  14. Thailand should have 24 hour drinking areas called "Kinda Reddish" zones around tourists areas. I don't drink myself but without alcohol and night venues with the usual Thai adult entertainment all you have left is Temples and overpriced beach resorts.
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