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  1. Hearing the same stories. 500,000 seemed low for Frontline workers. What a mess. From start to finish.
  2. Hopefully the whole deck of cards collapse. Anutin, the 250 self appointed ministers, the whole damn bunch. Figure it out after there all expelled from the country.
  3. Yes. It's natural for nations wanting to protect themselves against variants. Non vaccinated people are pools for new variants. Anti vaxers will find it difficult to travel, work, etc. But thats there choice. I think as they slowly realize real science and perhaps even death they will realize that this is the only solution.
  4. And much more unvaccinated are dead or on ventilators, if ones available. Heartbreaking, not hilarious.
  5. I don't think herd immunity will work with COVID-19. Even when vaccinated you can still carry a load of the virus. Unvaccinated people will get the virus from vaccinated people. Will see. It seems years until the world reaches that magical herd immunity. In the meantime expect different mutations and further waves.
  6. It's hard to imagine being broke in Bangkok. Up here in Issan theres at least support from friends and family. My wife and her friends could forage for food. Frightening times.
  7. That is a major concern. There is very little data from Sinovac and Sinopharm despite being approved for emergency use in more than 54 countries. We're booked for Moderna but hopefully Astra Zeneca will be more widely available up here in the North East. The regular Thai villagers around here won't take Sinovac and are to poor to pay for Sinopharm.
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