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  1. Depends on the definition of "fee."
  2. Did your phone show a missed call from their number?
  3. How are all the other beverages they sell delivered then? Perhaps they arrive by boat and carried up the beach and across the road.
  4. The "real Thailand" is not depicted in the glossy brochures, hence, many high end tourists are disappointed, and do not return, and no doubt tell of the "real Thailand" by word of mouth and on social media.
  5. Yawn. As usual, you play the poster, not the post. Just your usual defection.
  6. How many do you have on the market at the moment?
  7. There are many nice resorts and hotels, all across Thailand. The problem is, when a tourist steps outside of their resort, they are in 3rd World Thailand, which is made worse by the rampant corruption here. These nice resorts are in the middle of outdated, unmaintained, or non existent infrastructure.
  8. Is this not a cost or "fee" to the card holder, for doing the transaction?
  9. Thailand is all about money coming in, for the absolute least expense,. When higher end tourists detour Thailand, they fill the void with cheap package holiday makers from developing nations, which continues to create the appearance of a successful tourism industry, by the numbers, but all it really does is devalue the Thailand brand. This was happening way before covid. I don't see this trend changing going forward.
  10. Sure, but if it continues to go down the path of being quiet, the next thing you know, you will not be able to enjoy all the things that expats enjoy that are currently available here.
  11. Fail. You don't have one single example to illustrate your claim. Such a sweeping claim, yet not one single example. It goes to credibility.
  12. Interesting. So, if police continue to harass Bolt drivers / riders, they will just move to the Grab platform. What will the police here do then?
  13. Sure, but let's talk majority and minority. Do you think everyone is like your friend, yet, many end up in a rural village in Issan.
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