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  1. More like 2 night millionaires.
  2. So decisions made by the Thai government on immigration will have no effect on you, ever, 100% guaranteed. Another boiling frog.
  3. I never had a problem there, and enjoyed the place. Partied with a lot of the oil and gas guys as well.
  4. Not about you effect on them, it's about their effect on you. Can you 100% guarantee that?
  5. Probably should have disguised the drugs as dried fruit or dried seaweed. The Chinese were stuffing their suit cases full of these products at the airport. Maybe latex products as well.
  6. I agree. Also, I think quite a few of them will be hoping to sell, as they would have had 2 years with no profits, and key money and a new lease is looming, which they probably can not afford, or don't want to dip into their savings, again, to pay for the bar. It will be interesting to see if the post covid pump and dump works.
  7. Nationwide, Harry. Not just local. Here's just one short article of many on the internet. It would if you no longer could meet the visa criteria. I've been to Vung Tau a few times. I liked the place, I know how the nightlife operates there. Why did you leave? Nightlife is currently the main reason I reside in Pattaya. I doubt that will always be the case. Thanks, but South East Asia for a foreigner is more about due diligence than luck.
  8. Care to comment on the western market? It's the market I am discussing. You know, the market that was once the dominant market here, and was dwindling the last few years, pre covid. How / why did Pattaya lose this market?
  9. Say they raise the seed money from 800k baht to 1.5 million baht, or 65k to 90k a month, and do proper enforcement on the use of agents. How many expats does this knock out of Thailand? It maybe an annual event, but with a shift of government policy, many may not qualify to live here. Obviously, you did. Perhaps if you lived here full time and took an interest in Thai current affairs, you would know the natives were restless, pre covid, with some civil unrest also during covid. Should protestors start burning government buildings, again, and ma
  10. You miss my point, newnative. Picture a young professional couple looking for a 2 week overseas holiday. Same with mum, dad, and the two kids. Or, the newly retired couple with time on their hands. They get on the internet, or go to see a travel agent, and compare facilities, attractions, and value for money. I won't mention Googling "scams Thailand" or similar, and all the negative reports that may influence their decision. The above are tourists with real money to spend, not like millions of zero baht Chinese tourists, although I do agree with you
  11. Visas is the main one. Hoops to jump through etc. Maybe making Pattaya / Thailand a family holiday destination, thus no adult nightlife in the future. Protests, violence, civil war etc, leading to martial law or similar. I am well aware that as a farang I do not have a "right" to live here. At any point in time the Thai government wants farang out of Thailand, they can do it, either slowly, or over 12 months.
  12. When Pattaya / Thailand reaches its used by date for me, or there's a change in government policy which adds ridiculous hoops to keep staying here, or Pattaya becomes China Town, I'll jump. Until then, I like living in Pattaya, and look forward to seeing the nightlife return.
  13. Sure, but establishments such as restaurants, nightclubs, live music venues etc were also quiet for mongers, pre covid. If they didn't come back to Pattaya pre covid, why would they come back to Pattaya post covid?
  14. The benefits system in the UK is a generous one, which is often abused. Unfortunately, it's not so generous to those that actually fund it.
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