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  1. roger101

    HD Prime

    I use HD Prime as my source for sport. Over the last few days the service has been terrible. In fact it got so bad that at just after 11 last night I gave up on the rugby and turned it of. Does anyone know of a good replacement with similar sports coverage. I am quite happy paying for it.
  2. Or as a friend of mine would say "Brown bread". Has Pattaya finally had it. It's not sudden, parts of the city have been suffering for years. As the number of Chinese etc kept increasing the number of Europeans etc reduced. So a number of businesses which catered to 'should we say the more interesting' parts of business suffered. Some who modified their approach prospered, while others went to the wall. Then Covid 19 happened. To start with most businesses gritted their teeth and waited. Some went under but a big chunk thought like most people it wouldn't last that long. So they
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