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  1. For 324 Baht I don't see what the fuss is about.
  2. I use AA Insurance Brokers. 2140 Baht for fully comp insurance for my 6 year old Click and 324 Baht for the compulsory insurance. Excellent service. I have been dealing with them for 15 years ,no complaints.
  3. I am not so worried about bars (but it would be nice) but I would like to go to my favorite restaurants and have a grass of wine or two with dinner, Until this happens they wont get my custom.
  4. I am an occasional gambler. I have been to a few casinos over the years in various countries. I work out exactly how much money I can loose and stick to it. I don't chase my loses and when I reach my limit I walk away. If on the odd occasion I win I still walk away thinking I enjoyed that. Vegas was the best because they gave you free drinks when you were playing and I worked out long ago that playing sensibly I could drink more in money terms than I was loosing. Result a slightly <deleted> me who actually saved money on my bar bill. I would love the Ambassador to o
  5. So Phuket (open) 105 cases and 2 deaths. Pattaya (closed) 2 cases and zero deaths. Thai logic.
  6. Some years ago they built one of the biggest hotels in the world (at that time) and they built it miles out of town. The Ambassador City hotel owners must be praying that at long last they will get a license for a Casino.
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