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  1. Hey hoping for some help with the following questions…. 1- does STV have to be applied for in own country or can be any consulate ? Not feeling going all the way back to the UK for it. 2- the accommodation requirement. I’m already one month in to a 12 month contract - would I have to pay this remaining contract up front or would just having the contract suffice ? Or maybe the 3 months ahead for the visa validity ?? 3- if instead once covid extensions end I did thai course for non Ed visa - would thus effect my application for STV if I did near to September 22 whe
  2. Anyone else get fat in thai quarantine? Been the same healthy weight for 10 years until 2 weeks in hotel prison - I put on a stone in 2 weeks Having never had to loose weight before I’ve always thought people who struggle to do so, are just not trying very hard, but turns out it’s pretty hard to do!! Moral of the story if you’re stuck in a box for two weeks stick to one meal a day and not order food panda on top of hotel slop for boredom.
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