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  1. I have a suspicion that the UK counted anyone who died within 1-3 months of a positive test as having died from covid.Thais seem to be being more precise in classifying a death from covid (not with covid) so I suspect the numbers will vary considerably.It seems to be more to do with how one classifies their deaths rather than what actually happens.I can trust the experts but what I don't trust is the media (don't trust em) telling me what a politician (don't trust them either) was told by an expert.
  2. 4,500 dead so far only 125,000 to go to catch up to the UK.You ain't seen nothing yet.
  3. I think these 2 graphics from ourworldindata kind of put Thailands testing efforts into perspective and shows how the Delta variant works with 2 different testing regimes. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/thailand?country=~THA https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-testing#how-many-tests-are-performed-each-day
  4. If the infection rate is rising that might indicate the testing numbers are static for Bangkok.
  5. I haven't heard what the monks are saying on the issue.I guess their iput will have considerable sway over the elders.
  6. Is that why they are giving it to the ai falang?The word on these streets many of the older folks don't want any of the vaccines.
  7. They don't deny entry, you are mistaken, you just have to get in the queue and wait your turn, but you are not denied entry.
  8. Good on the Swiss.They see Thailands testing numbers are appallingly low so they say here you go now you have no excuses to not test more, not very subtle but I like it.
  9. Still here!How many deaths cause by covid over the last 10 years?It seems the Thai administration is giving the covid regulations about the same token gesture they give to enforcing traffic regulations.Travel restrictions anyone?Road blocks?Stay at home enforcements?
  10. In surfing terms if one gets caught inside when a cleanup set comes you're going to get pounded.Thailand got caught inside and is getting pounded.
  11. I don't think anyone is free from influence from rumours and misinformation except me of course but that should go without saying, in fact I don't know why I said it if it goes without saying, it just shows what a hypocrite I am.
  12. Anutin believes that crowd control at Bang Sue is impossible.The second most powerful politician in Thailand admitting defeat at a single vaccination site doesn't shine much of glowing light on his abilities and his ability to show he cares about the situation.
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